Looking Effortlessly Stylish on the Sand

For an high class escort, packing to travel abroad is not easy, especially if you are booked for a new destination straight after. My lovely trip in Cannes has come to a magical close, and I am now sat in Nice airport waiting to catch a flight to JFK. From there, I will hop on a plane to San Juan, and finally board the Four-Seasons yacht that will take me directly to Pinney’s Beach, where I shall join my client…

The sun: my favourite travel companion

I’ve been in the sun so much for the past few weeks, that I have gone through all my beach outfits already. Luckily, Nevis, in St. Kitts, is so exclusive, that I won’t be bumping into any girls I saw in Cannes. You know what women are like, they love to point out that you wore a specific outfit twice, even if it was for a wedding one year ago. I have bigger things I’m saving up for but in the meantime, I do like to look good on the beach. Below is a list of some beautiful outfits that will make you look like the most stylish, yet bohemian, lady on the beach:

Zimmerman is great for effortless class. Signature designs are floaty white dresses that have a ladder trimming, asymmetric frills which look good with sandals or pumps. This is ideal for an high class escort holidaying because she doesn’t know when she will next go back to the hotel to change – her day is usually planned meticulously so not a minute goes by when she’s bored.

I.D. Sarrieri make dresses that are just as dreamy as their lingerie. Although simple in cut, like Valentino, the moment you put it on, you feel a million dollars. Her dresses leave copious room for movement, whilst outlining a gorgeous figure through the highest quality sheer satins and spider silks.

If you are more of a tom-boy dresser who prefers oversized artist shirts and loose tunics, then look no further than Heidi Klein. This designer can fill up your holiday wardrobe very quickly with its versatile outfits that range from dresses, to shirts and bikinis. Cotton-chambray is the most used material in their pieces; so airy, you forget you have clothes on.

If you are going to an area where you will be doing more than just sunbathing, then opt for cotton to linen playsuits by Vanessa Bruno. Cotton jacquard is a breathy material that allows your skin to stay fresh and minimizes sweating. Shirred waistbands, mandarin collars – a personal favourite, and striped patterns are key features that Bruno abides by. I suggest you buy a size larger for extra movement, as well as making it easy to slip on if you have just come out the sea.

Caravana is as exotic as it sounds. Using traditional Mayan techniques, Caravana’s pieces are all handmade beauties. The Mexican based Italian designer implement macramé fringes, hand-sewn beads, tassels and hand-tied knots onto stretchy cotton-gauze fabrics that fit all sizes like a glove. These hallmark trimmings are key features to garments such as wrap skirts, dresses, jumpsuits and maxi-dresses.

Despite the stereotype of models, escorts and movie stars relaxing on yachts in nothing but a bikini, there are so many more activities that an high class escort would be engaged in when holidaying with a client: mountain climbing, skiing, surfing and even deep sea diving. On Thursday, I am scheduled to climb Hurricane Hill with my client in order to reach the private beaches of the island. I will have the most amazing Matteau bikini for the private beach viewing, but that doesn’t mean I should not make an effort with my coverup!

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