Long hair, pull it if you dare

A few days ago, an escort – though not one with Lilith – discussed the pros about a girl with short hair. Although she was pretty convincing, we like to think that at Lilith we wave the flag for most types of looks which is why I am going to discuss the gorgeous qualities that come with long hair…

Long hair has been the standard of beauty for women for centuries. It is half a women’s beauty as some people would argue, and throughout history it has been a symbol of femininity. The average woman spends over £25, 000 on the maintenance of her hair.

What is the benefit of long hair?

1). Long hair from the back creates an air of mystery. If you see a stunning mane from the back that shines in all its glory in the sun, then you presume her or his face is going to be captivating. An escort with long hair of good condition tends to be the sort of girl who always has her nails did and skin well looked after.

2). Fatal attraction: Long hair on a woman serves as a short cut mentally that speeds up gender recognition and this augments the initial perceived attraction. As humans, we feel before we even recognise those feelings but by the time we detected them, society has programmed us to act accordingly. We are all passionate at the end of the day 😉

3). An escort can wear her hair in many styles. Do you prefer the ponytail of hair down? I know for a fact that a ponytail not only frames a woman’s face elegantly but it also draws more attention to her. Think curtains being pulled back to reveal a painting.

4). Putting aside the evolutionary reasons why men love long hair (a subliminal signal for a healthy reproductive system), there are more basic and ‘small pleasure’ based reasons: running their hands through a woman’s silky long soft hair – heavenly.

N.B Not all men are ruled out by evolutionary biases.

5). The smell of soap when a woman steps fresh out a shower is divine and there have been times when I have used a great shampoo with an exotic smell and a man has subtly leaned in on the underground to smell my hair – weird but complementary.

6). Highlights look great! I have dark honey coloured hair and more men have commented when I have had brighter apple blond highlights put in. Not only does my hair shine like gold in the sunlight but it also looks great when I travel and my roots start to show. I get that beach babe look thus I am perceived as adventurous and outgoing.

7) Long haired escorts can wear their hair depending on their mood. Long straight hair for sophistication and slipping into a Roland Mourét dress or wavy curls cascading over a summer Isabel Marant dress. Depending on her mood, the escort will decide and believe it or not, the person she sees will pick up on the subtext of her hair making them reach for the 1982 Malbec as opposed to Captain Morgan’s Rum.

Style and sophistication is as long or short as a piece of string and although this blog raves on about the Rapunzel style, remember it takes more than long locks to sustain interest.

Ciao for now xxx

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