London NEW super models

The royal city of London is probably the only place on earth when a gentleman can treat himself the pleasure of the company of a REAL super model escort.

So you came here to London for a very important business convention, you had a long day, your back hurts and you find yourself in the mood for a pleasant female companion, you google High-class elite escorts and a world of sensual beauty emerges in front of your eyes, VIP escorts, Elite escort, high-end and mind-blowing escorts, All the beauty in the world is blinking in front your eyes and you find yourself lost from over stimulation.

London Vip elite escorts are the true elite of all the model companions world, true supermodels beautiful and refined for all around the world.

Lilith girls are very selectively chosen, with perfect bodies and personality with no competition, Our elite escort models are the best choice for a lonely night to the busy business man in London.

So what new you might ask? Well… i went to a very fancy fashion event in the Knightsbridge are the other day, and several high-class designers were showing their new designs, the press was there with their camera’s locked and loaded and the gossip was raging while a group of stunning Supermodels walked up and down the runway.

While all the members of the event were busy pampering their own ego’s and check-books my eyes were locked only on one this, the stage. I love seeing beautiful women walking confident on the runway, so confident they don’t even care if or if not the truly have an audience, they walk proud and beautiful as if the entire faith of the british empire is depended on their foot steps.

When the show was over i sneaked outside and saw 3 of the girls sharing a cigarette, may i join you a asked? while pulling out one of my skinny camel smokes. they welcomed me with love and we laughed like maniacs for 30 minutes straight.

They told me they are in town for a bit and would really love to have fun with London Elite, so i took their numbers and told them i’ll let them know if anyone nice is around and interested.

So now my most respectable lads, we have 3 STUNNING runway models that just wait to have the pleasure of your company, Call now and book a beautiful night.

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