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My name is Lilith, i’m a Long time escort veteran. I was one of Europe finest and most Elite escort girl and later became London Vip escort mama (: Or at least this is how the girls like to call me. (:

I’m proud to present to you some of London Elite escort models, beautiful and elegant ladies that truly approach the practice of VIP escort as it should be – ART

In today’s modern world, while romance has been reduced to the SMS level and instead of flowers we give away smiley faces online, It is important to have an Escort agency that understands the value of passion.

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New young Brazilian Escort Angel!

Angel has a presence that cannot go unnoticed: beautiful skin, long floaty hair, a sparkling smile, forest green eyes and a stunning body that is always dressed to classy perfection. She is well versed on many a topic and her laughter will come as music to your ears. The best things come in small packages and this Polly pocket is the perfect companion for a social event or even a fun conversation by the fireplace.

This girl comes straight from the sunny beaches of Brazil and enjoys outdoor activities that will get your heart pulsating: rock climbing, samba, swimming and of course, beach volleyball.

She has flawless feedback and once you meet her, it will be very hard to say goodbye.

Asian Escorts – VIP London nights:

I always had a Geisha State of mind, Ever since i was young, i remember looking up to them Their grace and beauty were amazing in my eyes Elite Escort girls are the western Geisha Or at least they should be... Please meet Kim, A Japanese Escort princess If you are looking for a true geisha experience From a true Elite escort – London best is to your right

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Featured Image by Angelina Litvin on Unsplash

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