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Welcome to Lilith, firstly we are going to address lingerie and the best types for escorts looking to wear lingerie we will then discuss Knightsbridge Escorts and what all the fuss is about?

Lingerie tells – Part 1

Women either embrace beautiful lingerie fully or they shy away from this intricate lace rainbow altogether. Nevertheless, underwear is underwear and no matter what you wear, you still made a conscious decision to wear this skimpy piece of fabric when you opened the drawers.

Lingerie is seen as an element of feminine mystique, privy from the eyes of the public and a man will always wonder what lies beneath.

Depending on what the escort is wearing, you may be able to suss what type of underwear she has on underneath: a bondage dress would require a thong, a pencil skirt French knickers or a maxi teamed up with full briefs…or nothing at all. An escort may prefer comfort over intricacy just as a mans’ preference may be cotton over lace or vice versa. Either way, it is safe to say that her personal mantra and aspirations are reflected through her choice of underwear and since this is a broad subject, lets look at three options: Lace, Silk and bondage.

Lace looks best in black or white and this is because it introduces a host of enticing themes. The white lace is reminiscent of the train of a demure bride whereas the mesh-like material – which allows you to see partially whats underneath – becomes quite an arousing contradiction. Certain questions arise such as ‘Is she game or did she wear this because lace is very comfortable and it looks awesome on her cinnamon coloured skin?’ This is the teasing game because a girl who wears lace simply likes to play hard to get. Now black marks a strong contrast to skin so the more bows, strings and hems, the more likely that the woman pays attention to fine detail. It takes time and patience to put on such an item and since lace is low in demand and expensive to buy in todays world of fashion, this woman know what she likes and how she likes it so be very complimentary and appreciative and you will receive an abundance in return. On the subject of skin adorning garments, we lead onto the next material…

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…Silk is the closest material one can affiliate to that skin on skin sensation. The most desirable fabric for fine lingerie, sumptuous silk is breath taking yet incredibly easy to put on and take off. It falls, tumbles and moulds onto the right curves on the body and by nature it is durable, lustrous and strong. Due to it’s unwavering texture, a woman who chooses silk will focus on the colour and the darker the shade of pink, orange, blue, yellow, green, the more enigmatic the escort. The woman is an artisan of touch and knows how to take things slowly and reach the destination whilst engaging all senses accordingly. Due to the moleculor and chemical structure of silk, it can be worn in both cool and warm weather. Women of the silk are versatile and not resistant to change or exploring new things. They are liberated and prefer the sensation of fabric caressing them rather than tight corsets and fitted cups. These ladies are extravagant and can be as cool as a cucumber even when every concave body feature is subtly shown. Be extra careful with silk with beaded embellishments as these items are usually handmade by more than one person and ordered exclusively – the most beautiful gift an escort could receive.

The situation has risen to a whole new level with our final contender: bondage. We are talking sliders, loops, bonings, eyelets, cups, clasps, clips and grips. Bondage looks best in pastel colours and black and surprisingly this type of lingerie experiences its highest sales during Christmas. One of the most powerful turn-ons for a man and a woman is bondage underwear. This type of underwear was too eccentric when introduced in the late 30s but it was finally celebrated when iconic females such as Bettie Page championed it.  A killer combo can be seen when the garter belt and briefs are worn together with the hair up highlighting the waist, back and neck – all erogenous zones. Due to the tight fabric it is imperceptible under clothes offering a sleek silhouette. The multiple strapping on the briefs emphasizes the curve to the hip which proves lingerie doesn’t always have top be frilly and delicate to get your heart racing. The type of woman who wears this will be adventurous and curious with an insatiable desire to push boundaries. This is a closet must where every red-blooded hot female will have at least one set of bondage underwear. 

Therefore, lingerie is hugely important in understanding what the escorts’ preference is in fashion. If a woman feels good then she looks good and picking the right lingerie will accentuate her curves and reveal her alter-ego. Picking underwear for a woman is like picking a cologne for a man. You have to be sure that you understand the style and preference of the person so if you are buying an escort a gift, you want to be sure it will suit her. You can make a woman feel spoilt and confident through the right choice of lingerie.

It’s about time underwear had a voice and men should be ready to hear it!
Learn a little about the escorts in Knightsbridge… Knightsbridge is home to some of the most luxurious brands and gorgeous residencies in London.

The elite escorts that live in Knightsbridge are sophisticated and charming young models, who dress impeccably.
The wide-ranging shopping options that Knightsbridge has to offer has attracted tourists from all over the world. As a result, there are beautiful women to be seen all over the vicinity, dressed in stunning outfits from reputable fashion houses: Chanel, Prada, Gucci, La Perla, Pucci, Hermès. The only other street in London that can compare to Sloane Street – for luxury shopping, is Old Bond Street in Mayfair. It goes without saying that a day of shopping is never complete without a trip to exquisite specialist lingerie studios. Knightsbridge escorts make frequent  – unabashed – visits to La Perla, on Sloane Street; Agent Provocateur, based on Pont Street and Rigby and Peller, located on Hans Road.

One may have heard of the ‘Chelsea bubble'; a phrase referring to inhabitants of Fulham and Chelsea who tend to dwell in their region, never exploring other parts of London. This is due to the countless bars, shops, restaurants, cinemas, and delis. It is sometimes perceived as an ‘elitist clique’, and rightly so, considering there is so much London has to offer – it is not just a city, London is an ideology.
However, like Chelsea, Knightsbridge offers almost everything; a place where luxury meets pragmatism. Some Knightsbridge escorts are engaged in a prestigious vocation during the week, and after leaving the office at 9pm, the elite escort will probably pop to Marks and Spencer on Beauchamp Place and grab a few essentials for dinner. Due to her heavy work schedule, she will be escorting mainly on the weekends: Friday and Saturday night. Other Knightsbridge escorts will be more readily available during the week days and nights. It is worth noting that due to the close proximity of Knightsbridge escorts to several landmarks, such as the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Natural History Museum and Hyde Park, you may have to book in advance in order to see the Knightsbridge escort of your choice.

The gorgeous open spaces of Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens offer a rolling green Eden that extend to St. James. Many Knightsbridge escorts will hire a bike and ride on the paths with friends during the summer and autumn.
A perfect Saturday date for a Knightsbridge escort would be to shop in Harrods, go out for coffee on Brompton Road, and then walk through Montpellier Street, through to the discreet but gorgeous Cheval Place that ultimately leads to Hyde Park. Knightsbridge is a self-sufficient haven, and if you are planning a weekend in London, you should start with Knightsbridge – the epicenter of style and luxury.
Knightsbridge Escorts… Indule in some secrets of an elite escort in knightsbridge..
What can I tell you.. being an escort is much more interesting than you mostly imagine.

Yesterday for example, I was speaking with a beautiful Knightsbridge elite escorts about her latest escort experience, it was a very nice gentleman who wanted to indulge in VIP Escorts for the entire night, he called me and asked for an intelligent busty escort and he specifically stated she should be a team player with an open mind and that she should dress like a greek.

Like a greek i asked him? what does it mean? a toga? a mandolin? what?

Like a greek he said, and didn’t add anything else.. just make it work.

What about if I send a greek escort model? We have several high class escort models which you would absolutely adore, they are not busty escorts but i’m sure you would have a great night!

No no, he said…  she has to be busty, intelligent and dressed like a greek.

Ok I said… let me see what i can do.

So I called one of our many beautiful escort companions, a beautiful French escort that just moved here from Paris and asked her if she wants to meet this guy? She said sure and, I sent her the hotel details … I
won’t say where but it but I can tell you it was a beautiful green hotel at Knightsbridge SW1 area, many of our knightsbridge based escorts have visited this hotel in my years.. it is a home away from home for many escort girls of this city.

Anyway, I sent the VIP escort to the guy and told her to dress greek. So she put on a nice silk dress, got her hair done nicely and just a bit of make-up for manners sake, but very much natural.

She also brought a bit of yogurt and fruits just to make things more greek… funny I know.

So she knocked on his door and he opened

Him: So you are the Knightsbridge escort model I have been waiting for?
Her: Yes I am, And you are a man looking for Vip escort?
Him: No, I’m a spartan soldier traumatized from battling the barbarians!
Her: Haha.. You’re what?
Him: You heard me.
Her: So how can i be at service oh brave spartan?
Him: Heal me you miraculous oracle/
Her: hahahahaha What???
Him: Com’on !!!
Her: Ok ok i’m sorry.. ahhmm ..  yes my warrior! Come rest under my bosom and i will heal the scars of war from your spirit!

Instantly I challenged that statement…

Me: Wait wait wait I said… scars of war from your spirit?
Her: Yes… I took drama classes in high-school, so I just rolled with it.
Me: Then what happened?
Her: Eell let’s say that it was a night full of breasts, yogurt and war crimes in latin… fun night actually (:

So as I said.. being a Knightsbridge escort is much more interesting than you imagine.

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