Why are Kuwait & Arabic Escorts so appealing?

Recently, I was in Mayfair relaxing in Williams & Sons waiting for the batteries in my watch to be replaced. After I sat waiting for twenty minutes, my posture started to decline and my hamster cheeks moulded into the shape of my clutched fist. I was woken from my reverie when a girl sat in the chair next to me and flicked her long hair so ferociously that the ends poked in my eyes. She smiled and I complimented her ombre mane. She thanked me and asked where I was from, to which I responded with ''Germany". I returned the question and she told me, "the land of the most beautiful women, that being Kuwait." Her confidence impressed me and although she came across as very self-assured, I have met some breathtaking beauties from the Middle East, namely Lebanon, Kuwait and Saudi. Thoughts of Arabic friends or Arabic escorts I have been acquainted with soon proceeded...

Arabic escorts are highly sought after because they have an allure that most women cannot achieve without looking contrived.

The language is soft, spoken rhythmically with intermittent intrusions of excited giggles. When they speak, it’s as though they are telling you one of their secrets; when they converse, they maintain eye contact. To look deep into the eyes on an elite Arabic escort without blushing is quite the challenge. No matter the colour – which can span from violet blue to dark brown – , their almond-shaped eyes are the most feline pair you will ever witness.
Their curves are the results of great genetics and not countless hours spent at the gym. As a result, an Arabic escort is soft to the touch, thus adding to her feminine aura. Her skin is always flawless and nails perfectly maintained. Their hair is always thick, long and so intricate, it needs a manual of it’s own.
They understand that even the smallest gestures can whistle up a storm. A good friend of mine recounted sitting at a table nervously every time the Arabic host poured him chai and served him Baklava. “She flicked her wrists stealthily like she was a geisha and leaned far forward so I could see her bosom. I could not tell whether she was flirting with me or was naturally seductive in her sub-conscious movements,” my friend bemoaned. I presume it was the latter because even I have seen Arabic escorts talk to me in a similar manner. Needless to say, I’m more impervious to these charms than my male counter-part due to the fact I’m interested in men only. A scandal took place later in the year when the Arabic woman discussed above ended up running off with a famous footballer.

Back to the conversation in the watch shop, the girl eventually stood up and graciously excused herself,  forgetting to tell me to have a nice life.

Thanks Habibi

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