January Sun with an Escort

Personally speaking, January is more sombre than a diavolo pizza soaked by a knocked can of coca-cola…

Escapism in January with an elite escort 

The pain I feel from January is not a self-inflicted trauma, like it may be to other other individuals, stemming from zero desire to be back in the office making instant coffee for several ingrates, or because they fell for every sale tactic of the Boxing Day sales. No, I suffer from one side-effect  of January: 31 long days of seasonal affective disorder. December is cold but January seems to get colder, wetter and more grey. Paradoxically, the sky becomes a bright grey so that everything has a pronounced effect, as though you are perfecting a black and white photo of your parents as children, staring at the camera with a frown. Either the latter, or I am too busy in the December rush to actually notice the bleak colours of winter.

Therefore, it is no surprise that I would jump at the opportunity to join a client in the Réunion Island, an island in the Indian Ocean, south-east of Africa.
The client booked me through Lilith Escort Agency last minute. I was told to pack bikinis, trekking gear, personal entertainment and sunscreen; no mention of dresses, heels and make-up. I arrived at Gatwick with a smile on my face knowing I was on route to a hot destination, where I can dress like a hippy and not brush my hair.

The client is a hot volcanologist – you see what I did there – mapping the distribution of the rocks on the Piton de la Fournaise – a basaltic shield volcano that happens to be one of the most active peaks in the world. While he is engaged in fieldwork, I am making friends with the locals or exploring the island, which happens to be insanely beautiful.

January who?

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