The Most Instagram Friendly Places in London

You may be visiting London, or already live in this wonderful city. Either way, there are areas you are yet to explore, and the best way to cement these memories are through beautiful pictures. It’s time to download Instagram and take some captivating shots. I am going to list some of the top places to Instagram in London:

The most photographed London landmark is Tower Bridge, yet many prefer the world’s most famous clock as a camera subject: Big Ben. The clock, atop a tower, located at the north-end of the Palace of Westminster, is stunning from every angle. Therefore, you can take some innovative shots either close up or far away. Beneath the Westminster bridge arches you will find a great setting to capture the Big Ben. The arch forms a pseudo-frame for the magnificent tower in the distance.

Another classic monument is St. Paul’s Cathedral. Again, there are plenty of great viewpoints to choose from but I would suggest taking a photo at night – outside the Tate Modern, on the Southbank – when the cathedral is lit up. There are plenty of street performers who are juggling, miming, or blowing bubbles, which can provide interesting and busy props at the forefront of your picture with the cathedral at the back. A picture like that demonstrates the dynamism of London, where old customs and modern practices co-exist.

Looking for more colour in your Instagram shot? Look no further than the impressive street art in Shoreditch. There are permanent installations, that are flanked by temporary graffiti art, forming a colorful train of images that lead from the top to the bottom of Shoreditch Road.
West London also offers sereral painted houses, some of which are beautifully decorated by climbing foliage. From Georgian terraces to gorgeous little mews houses, you could take photos for days. While you are in West London, you may as well visit The Churchill Arms; the building becomes one giant flower display in the summer.

The most Instagram-friendly restaurant in London is – subjectively chosen – Sketch, located in Mayfair. Every room is stunning, from the entrance, to the Glade, to the mesmeric Pink Gallery restaurant. The futuristic bathroom is reminiscent to a prototype spaceship that a picture corporation would have in their studios – worth seeing.

No London trip is complete without a museum visit, and the most impressive, in terms of architecture, is The British Museum. As the world’s most visited museum, it has been welcoming guests since it was founded 1753; the first national public museum that also granted free admission. This museum is not just built on the principles of embracing all knowledge in the arts and sciences, it’s utterly gorgeous. The outside facade shows countless columns supporting a pediment. The pediment has carvings depicting the creation of man, right from a juvenile being, later educated by the angels through architecture, sculpture, painting, poetry, science and last but certainly not least, music.
The Queen Elizabeth II Great Court was designed by Sir Norman Foster as the museum’s Millennium project. The ceiling is an astonishing glass roof formed of hundreds of triangular panels, covering the whole court, making it the largest covered public space in Europe. Small exhibits are dotted around the courts to whet your appetite.  The stunning round Reading Room, which contains over thirty-thousand books, reminds women of Belle’s library from Disney’s ‘Beauty And The Beast.’ The unique layout of the museum means you can start your visit anywhere, and any congestion is broken down quickly. Due to this, you can take an incredible photo from any standing position in the vicinity.

If you have the bad, yet addictive habit of taking shots of delicious looking food, then welcome to Molly’s Bakes, in Dalston. The menu offers godzilla smoothies topped with cake slices and icing decorations, finished with lashings of caramel. I hereby, challenge you to try and take a picture without tasting it first!

All of the parks are photogenic but Hyde Park has to be the most versatile with its Rose Garden, lake, Podiums and the swans. The park is beautiful all year round and open from 5am to midnight all week, providing a lush escape for those looking to relax and unwind.

The West Wing of the Renaissance Hotel in Kings Cross has one of the most intricate stairways I have ever come across, and unsurprisingly, it is where segments of Harry Potter was filmed. The neo-classical murals provide a suitable backdrop to the ornate carved pillars and the multi-tiered cantilevered staircase, which is supported by wrought-iron balustrades. The stairways are completed by complex painted ceilings and decorative tiled floors.

You will not cover the above list in one day, hence I encourage you to pick a maximum of three landmarks to visit. If you make a trip to London but unknowingly spend all your time in Oxford Circus, make a quick visit two-hundred meters south of Oxford Street station to Liberty department store, and take a photo of their magnificent flower stall outside.


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