How and What an Escort Should Pack For A Long Journey

Ever since I opened the gates for questions from escorts and clients, I have received a surge of enquiries regarding lingerie options, dress etiquette and necessities when travelling.

The more emotionally orientated questions I answer through private email, or I speak with the individual in question over the phone.

I’m going to keep it tight today and answer a question from ‘Elle':


What does an escort take with her if she’s traveling to several destinations over the course of three weeks?


Ok, I have done such a journey where I saw three clients over the course of a month; covering Monaco, Prague, Cape Town, then Milan. There’s quite a selection there and fair to say, completely diverse in culture and pace. Firstly, group together the cities that are most similar: Monaco & Milan in this case. Now although Prague and Cape Town are two very different locations, the ambience at both is laid back and there is not so much of an emphasis on high fashion – existent in Monaco and Milan – and people watching. Luckily, it was summer time so I packed one suitcase with relaxed casuals: demin shorts, bikinis, white t-shirts (copious amounts), and stylish ballerina pumps. A special mention goes to Chloé and Céline pumps because they use Nappa leather which are so comfortable when you are walking around sightseeing during the day. A client much prefers an escort who can enjoy the moment and let her hair down as opposed to one who is constantly applying lip gloss and fussing over the blisters her high heels are giving her. Wear a bikini underneath in case you hop on a yacht or go swimming.

The second suitcase was packed for the fast lane at Milano and Monaco. I included a different dress for every night and a few colorful summer dresses for the day. If you are looking for relaxed summer dresses without spending too much money then visit reformation’s site or ASOS, but opt for block colour pieces because they look more sophisticated. If you are happy to go all out and purchase the most exquisite pieces then look no further than Alice Temperley and Rochas. The Swiss cotton used in Temperely pieces literally reflect the sun and a Rochas summer dress just oozes elegance. When it comes to night pieces, I advise a beautiful dress that goes over the knee – check out Roland Mouret, Philip Lim, Oscar De La Renta and Dolce and Gabbana. You want to look stunning but not too loud. The assumption is that the client is your date; you don’t need to have the entire room staring at you.


Invest is a good suitcase

A close friend of mine, who is a make up artist in Monaco, has the most secure cases due to the fact that somewhere during security checks in her travels, a state of the art eye-liner or exclusive lipstick will go missing. This proves a problem considering she hand-picks certain shades to match a client’s ball-gown.
The Rimowa Classic Flight Multi-wheel is a highly robust suitcase with an invulnerable locking system. It may be pricey but it’s a travel case for life.


Don’t go crazy with the lingerie

If a client is taking you on a beautiful trip, then show your appreciation through exquisite taste in lingerie – La Perla, Myla or I.D. Sarrieri. Bring two full sets and several intricate bottoms. I tend to bring many gorgeous French knickers because I like to walk around on a private balcony with just that on with a glass of wine. If you have a modest sized bust, then wear just knickers with a long satin or silk dress that clings enough to be sultry but loosens at the right place so as not to look tarty – a gentle nod towards Ghost for such a garment.


Less is more!

I always kept the make up light, and styled my hair in loose curls without any products so that it always felt soft to the touch with a sort of boudoir tussle to it [wink wink]. You know the rule: if you wear lipstick, don’t wear eye shadow and if you apply a smokey eye, then no lip paint.
Invest in a good skin care routine because if you have clear skin, then you don’t need make up. The more make up a women wears, the more of a mask she is hiding behind. You may not be a certain man’s dream aesthetic, but if you are confident in your own skin, he will not be able to dictate where his heart goes.


Cleansing is most important

You want to wake up beautiful, hence never go to bed with your make up on. I carry an exfoliator from Eve Lom, Décleor face wash and organic coconut oil as a moisturizer which can also be applied all over the body. I spray a beautiful light scent called Rosa Nobile by Aqua di Parma. My essentials are a good lip moisturiser and lipstick because you can use the rouge as a blusher for your cheeks too. La Mer do the most incredible minty lip balm which tastes amazing.


Supplements and hydration

You are away for a while and even though you are eating as much and whenever you like, you may be partying a great deal – if that’s your thing. Due to possible energy depletion, it’s advised that you take supplements with you. My favorite is Bespoke Woman Wild Nutrition supplements because the ingredients are organic and I feel like I’m constantly walking on air because of the health benefits of these capsules.
Water is the elixir of life; drink at least two liters of water a day – three if your are over 5ft 10″ – as you will maintain soft skin and lips as well as a balanced temperament.

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