Holidays our Companions enjoy!

Summer can be precarious in the UK, which is why we are mainly busy during this period with bookings abroad where London VIP escorts join a wonderful client in a warmer continent. Read on for the types of trips that a London VIP escort will have the pleasure of experiencing…

The type of trips a London VIP escort will go on with a client
Visiting countries rich in history with cultural landmarks, such as Turkey, Jordan, China, Peru, Italy, India etc., produce some of the most memorable holidays. Escorted tours are highly recommended as you and the London VIP escort will have a trusted member of the society helping you use your time efficiently, showing you hidden gems and national treasures. Walk along the ruins of the Acropolis in Athens, sail down the iconic Rhine River, go on safari in Zambia, explore Petra at night on horseback or dress in traditional clothing and pose in front of the Red Fort in India.
London VIP escorts love holidays that remove them from the ordinary and allow them – and the client – to explore different customs and mannerisms.

Witnessing the wonders of the world whilst looking fabulous is demonstrated by those who go on cruises. The London VIP escort only has to pack once but will manage to see several magical destinations in one trip. The close-by amenities and activities on the ship mean you have almost anything necessary at your fingertips: libraries, gyms, bars, spas, shops and many more.
If you are looking for pure escapism, then Asian cruises are highly suitable. From mystical islands to traditional towns and villages, to animated cities, Asia is truly an amazing world of its own. UNESCO World Heritage sites are available at almost every port on cruises in Asia; Kyoto has over ten.

City breaks can be fun, romantic or both depending on who the company is. Although I mentioned warmer continents, sometimes a little further south helps us feel those much needed added degrees of warmth. Paris has beautiful boutique hotels whose sumptuous décor will impress any London VIP escort. Florence boasts sweeping views of glorious architectural works: Renaissance, Romanesque, Rococo, Gothic and Contemporary – all demonstrated on palaces, small churches, houses, the cathedral, basilicas, bridges and hotels.
Italian food is without doubt one of the world’s most favored cuisines – don’t get us started on the mozzarella! Ask a local or trusted guide on where the hotspots are to eat in the area.

We left beaches till the very last, simply because that is a very obvious, albeit amazing, choice when taking a London VIP escort to a warm destination. The most popular destinations for London VIP escorts and clients have been the Maldives, Mykonos, Cancun, islands in the Polynesian Triangle, Jamaica, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Punta Cana.
Lie back on the canopy bed and watch the sun set as you and your companion sip delicious cocktails and listen to the waves crashing gently on the sand. Sporty activities are highly recommended for bonding and most of Lilith’s elite VIP escorts are avid fans of tennis and scuba diving.

As the sun moves further away from our Northern Hemisphere, the London vip escort starts to appreciate the summer once again, relishing the opportunity to join a client on a dreamy hot vacation.

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