High End Escorts & Tantric Massages

Tantric massage as we know it is an amalgamation of the Neotantric movement combined with the Western practice of massage. In short, sacred intimacy has been combined with the power of touch and relaxation, and of course, copious amounts of oil. A Tantric massage can be an explosively exciting experience – I don’t say this in jest. However, the core essence of Tantra and the spiritual planes one can be elevated to by engaging in this activity has often been overlooked. Therefore, we are offered a re-moulded package in the West: a Tantric massage with the aim creating as much pleasure as possible your body can experience without focussing too much on spiritual elevation.

The benefits of a Tantric massage are endless and an high end escort who is also trained in massage can show you so many more ways to make the allotted time stretch further…

The benefits of Tantric massage with an high end escort
We all feel excitement from the outer laters of our body, but did you know that a good Tantric massage will build up your inner desires, adding to that erotic crescendo – the type of excitement we feel when we see someone we are highly attracted to… but wait! The carnal attraction you will experience needs to be maintained, and this can be done through applying pressure to certain meridian points on the body. This is incredibly exciting considering that you have a naked woman, dripping in oil, massaging you with her ample curves and soft hands and feet. As a result, the subject’s body is conditioned to exercise control and patience; quite extraordinary when you consider that this training is done through the magic touch of the masseuse and not the client’s own mental exertions.

High end escorts will endorse Tantric massage to help improve breathing. Now, you may wonder how a Tantric massage will differ from any other type of massage when it comes to breathing, I will tell you why. A normal Swedish massage will make you relax and breathe steadily. However, a Tantric massage will make you feel exhilaration and suspense, especially when those soft hands move further down, causing you to take short and long breaths of excitement. Through interval breathing, the client is forced to focus on the in and out-take of oxygen, resulting in increased self-awareness and mind-body connection.

Pleasure manifests itself in so many different ways during a Tantric massage; you will feel ratification in areas you never thought possible, like the popliteal fossa (back of the knee) or even your earlobes. Heading straight for the obvious pleasure points is for amateurs, and top high end escorts who know what they are doing, will have studied Tantric massage. Sit back honey and enjoy the ride!

High end escorts in London will become acquainted with the practice of Tantric massage if they want to truly show their client a good time. To put it frankly, the best Tantric masseuse high end escorts could control the Niagra Falls if they wanted to. If you are looking for an high end escort with Tantric skills, then call Lilith escort agency and ask for the Tantric masseuses that are not online – the selection is quite interesting.

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