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During my working career in Electronics, I decided I would save money, work hard and once I had established a comfortable nest and quit escorting, be open to meeting someone who I could potentially fall in love with for simply who they were. Idyllic? Unrealistic?

It’s exactly what happened in the end and cto this date only my fiancee knows. The agencies and girls still don’t know my real name, age or credentials. They worked with me because I proved myself to them and I’m discreet and that’s enough.

As women we are naturally addicted to the idea of security and ironically I found the most security in an industry where the women are considered commodities through desperation and subjugation. This is simply not true. I became more confident doing this job and not the defiant type of confidence which later leads to months of therapy at Harley Street. It’s about admission and being honest with yourself and sticking to a promise you made yourself. Start with a strict deadline in mind. I ask each girl what their deadline is and I note it. If the deadline is surpassed, we discuss further with them but ultimately erase their profile, every email exchanged and picture because we endorse future planning. Be honest with yourself. You can love, hate or be indifferent to what you do but do not suppress or put on a happy face if you are upset. If I have any inclination that a female has been forced to do this or she is unhappy, then I will offer her private advice but I cannot work with her as it is unfair on all three parties, predominantly the escort.

The greatest pleasure I get is pulling escort out of lower-tier jobs with cheap punters and inviting her to an arena which offers her a quicker way to save money with people who are kind and respectable. Men have asked me whether more money means better clients and the answer is yes 99.9% of the time. On very rare occasions, If I was not comfortable in a job, I would leave the ‘gift’ on the table and stealthily leave and if an agency even tried to contest my actions, I would remind them that my health comes first and any emotional blackmail from their side would result in them losing their best girl and joining another grateful agency. The secret is to put yourself first, tell your agency if there are things you do not want to do and do not become greedy. Having limits on what you offer, will not result in less work but conversely more higher quality jobs. Try not to give anyone descriptions about a job unless something unfortunate happened and you tell the agency immediately. Try to keep as low a profile as possible, never ever take pictures on a job or accept them, keep social media discussion out of it and don’t even tell your friends because circles are rotational and you never really know someone. If you can manage that, the world really is your oyster and you can have an unbelievable amount of fun and by the time you are a grandmother, the secret is still locked firmly away.

Every client is treated with respect and so are the girls. If there is any misconduct by either parties, then we will not work with you whether you are famous, rich, successful or an exhausted excuse: ‘handsome/a model’, we don’t care as our escorts and clients stick by the rules and as a result we look after them.

I would like to add that I have met many English girls who wish to go into escorting but are scared of being ‘uncovered’. Apart from the obvious own,  if you are smart and savvy, then this will never happen and interestingly enough, its international business men who do not live in London who seek English escorts and its English business men who seek escorts who have physiognomic traits from very exotic parts of the world. I have met trainee lawyers, models, historians and aristocrats who are working part-time as escorts, all for different reasons. Remember, you seek that which is furthest away from you and this is why ironically, the English escorts are the most concealed and highest earning escorts in the industry. Miss Tripple Barrelled goody two-shoes who sips on her coffee and makes fun of your choice in Dobby Weave curtains is switching L.k Bennet’s for Prada pumps by midnight.

Everyone and I mean everyone is up to something, the question is what…or who? 😉

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