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I had an interesting night last night that i wish i could tell you about, but privacy ethics prevents me from giving any specific details.. so let me tell you all about it while hiding real names so not to offend anybody god forbid.

Last night i attended a party with some old and very famous friends, the party was like any other party, started with the normal chitchats when everybody are revealing their latest accomplishments, life
decisions and ego trips and than while everybody got a little bit tipsy, out of no where a very famous actress which i personally adore walk in to our group of gossipers.

The second i saw her i was amazed, you can see beautiful women on the screen but when you see them live in front of you? wow.. it’s out of this world.

So because i was a bit drunk i spilled out: can i just touch your lips? she looked at me shocked for a second and started laughing and blushing.

We kept on talking long about life and love, passion and dreams.

She told me all about herself and i told her about me, we spoke about lilith-escort and i shared some of the past experiences within the industry of London VIP Escorts

Than she looked at me and said: you know, before i became a celebrity, i was doing some elite escort back in LA.

I smiled mt evil little smile at her and said: naughty naughty girl you are..

And than she surprised by saying she really miss the excitement and if i can find her some interesting gentleness she can meet for several escort gigs.

Why would you like to do it again i asked? you obviously don’t need it and with your beauty you can have anyone you want, why risk being revealed ?

Her answer was beautiful in my eyes, she said: When you’re in the public eye, you are totally exposed, i need a secret again, so to feel i own myself.

So i got her an escort meeting that evening and she was happy as a clam! and this morning i got a text from her saying another friend of her, a very famous reality TV female star, would like to join the party as well.

So i’m proud to say that we are able to provide the finest Celebrity escorts London has to offer.

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