The health benefits of a Tantric Massage

Some individuals have not had a massage for months, others book them weekly, and for those of you who live the good life, it’s a daily love affair.

Certain individuals are skeptical about the health benefits of massages, specifically Tantric, so let’s have a run through on points that may swerve your view…

Tantra has been practiced for over 9000 years. That’s longer than much-loved rituals we partake in today, namely online shopping, hugging our MacBook, ordering coffees with stupidly long names at Starbucks (it’s their own fault), and of course, playing Angry Bird!
Originating from the Himalayan Mountains in India, the escorts of the sacred Khajuraho temples of the Chandela Dynasty, would practice and develop their Karma Sutra skills on travellers and merchants.

Elite escorts who offer Tantric massages will help relax your body, where every inch of your torso is taken care of. This means that you will walk away feeling ten times lighter, as well as being able to feel every ligament and sinew in your body. An highly trained elite escort who know how to perform a Tantric Massage will ask you which area you would like to focus on and whether you are looking to improve something from this encounter. This leads me onto the next point on breathing. For centuries it has been proven that a Tantric Massage can improve your breathing and help train you to control your bodily impulses through the use of correct respiratory patterns. This will be useful, especially as some of our elite escorts are so beautiful, that you will need to catch you breath and regain composure: 1, 2 and 3.

Pleasure is something we experience on a daily basis without even realising it: the falling water droplets on our skin in the morning shower, the familiar scent we spray on our skin, our morning coffee Canephora etc. Pleasure through a Tantric Massage is rendered through relaxed muscles, spiritual balance and sustained arousal, very similar to watching Nigella Lawson cook on the television.

Elite escorts know all about good health since they are obliged to look after themselves. Some elite escorts even ask other elite escorts to perform a tantric massage on them since it helps improve circulation, stabilise blood-pressure and decrease stress levels. Oh, what a sight that is!

At Lilith’s escort agency, you can either book an elite escort who is trained in Tantric Massage or you can book several Tantric Masseuse elite escorts who can give you up to a six hand massage. It sounds like something only the wife of Ganesh could understand. Regardless, it is an experience not to be missed.

Book a Tantric Massage today with an Elite Escort who will show you where the term ‘magic hands’ really came from!

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