Genuine conversation starts with dropping an act

Most men and women are not comfortable enough to be themselves – this is a fact. The only time we don’t wear a mask is when we sleep, hence we cannot fathom our dreams most the time. Our dreams are a place where the subconscious is granted the stage and our inner most prohibited desires, motivations and concerns – that we suppress – rise to the surface. Please bear in mind that tangible evidence from research on dreaming is still largely elusive and there are bountiful theories that assign this phenomena to prophecies or just random thoughts and images pulled out by electrical brain impulses. In our waking life, we are in survival mode and every action proceeds a decision making process. So when can we really relax – dream style – and how does this link to escorting?

Ever said something so honest, without any sugar-coating, that the person opposite you released a small sigh of relief knowing that you are not there to judge or discriminate? There are certain things you don’t need to reveal as it’s unnecessary and the wrong person would use it to exploit you. However, you can engage in refreshing conversation and let your ideas and thoughts flow, uninhibited, much like the state we are in when we dream.

There are simple ways to turn a conversation into a more meaningful one. You may be an elite escort reading this or a client but either way, the excerpt below would make your experience all the more enjoyable if you endorsed the tips…
Don’t interrupt someone when they are speaking. I have to say women do this more than men, and showing that you are so excited to tell your story implies that you are most probably not listening to the other person. If your story is interesting now, it will most likely be interesting in five minutes.

The questions you ask are so important. If you don’t know anything about a subject, say so. The worst thing you can do is bluff, the best thing you can do is ask contextual questions which relate to why, how, when and what. Everyone loves to talk and people love to educate someone else on something they are passionate about so sit back and remember: there can only be one chef in the kitchen.

Try to relate to a situation someone is discussing whether it is humourous, morbid or ironic. We all have emotions and some of the smartest and most engaging people in conversation can be more empathetic than the Dalai Lama.
Silence is quiet noise and if you are making the most of these pauses assisted by body language, then the last topic of discussion will have a pronounced effect. Some of the most powerful moments are silent ones; think Simba discovering Mufasa’s body in The Lion King after the wildebeest stampede – don’t pretend your heartstrings didn’t tug.

Don’t be super professional and this one is primarily for the elite escorts who are trying to ‘sell an image’. Most men are nervous before they see a girl even if they show it. They don’t know who is about to walk in through the door. Therefore, drop a joke, be playful and a little self-deprecating to show that although you are beautiful, you have an edge and the respect you show me depends on how much I sharpen it.
Listen. Listen. Listen. Don’t ask an escort whether she is Italian when she told you previously she is Hungarian and don’t ask a client where he is going on holiday in the summer when he just told you he’s planning Capri with his family in July. People take you more seriously when you show they left an imprint in their memory (in a good way).

Try not to boast about how awesome you are. If you are the cherry that sits on a Victoria’s Sponge, then hold back because I had a red velvet yesterday and a Salvatore Martone Foret Noire the day before and the day before that…I cannot remember but I know it was unbelievable. If you are a great person, let it unfold as you talk to the VIP escort. If she’s smart, she will know she is in the presence of a fine gentleman.

If you are an elite escort at a dinner party with the clients’ friends or you are at a party with several other escorts, make an effort to talk to the person or escort who is singled out. We have all been there and it’s unfair to not make an effort just because that person did not share the experience of that ‘yacht trip to St. Tropez’ that you are all reliving through words. I am continuously thrust into new circles and sometimes I am purposely put in an awkward situation but when you remember that no one is leaving this planet beautiful, popular, rich or ALIVE, then it makes the conversation a whole lot easier.

“Good conversation is as stimulating as black coffee and just as hard to sleep after.”

– Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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