Focus on "The Moment" with your Escort

Protect something special by keeping it private…

Discretion is not only wise, it’s attractive

I have encountered clients who within fives minutes of meeting them have whipped their phones out and scrolled through pictures of gorgeous women, famous models or actresses that they claim their friends have ‘spent time with’. This behavior frustrates me due to it being an invasion of someone’s privacy – I would be angry if someone showed their friends my photos or disclosed other facets of my life – furthermore, it highlights some weaknesses of a man: the constant need for quick validation though conquests or approval from their peers. Focussing on possible future fantasies or the ‘next best thing’, and rushing pleasure without actually savoring the present moment is what makes life go quickly, bar you feeling like you actually lived it.

The most attractive clients were the ones that never revealed anything about their private life and in turn, didn’t delve into yours. The ones that don’t even discuss their work or accomplishments but prefer to kick back with a drink and enjoy the moment with a high class companion.
Many things should be kept sacred, and although a relationship with an escort is not built on the same fundamentals of marriage and commitment, it’s still another human being, so please, take your shoes off when you walk into their houses and pretend as though you are about to have dinner with your future mother-in-law.

Many a time a client has asked me: who is the best escort in London? Firstly, I don’t like this because I’m not going to just show clients pictures of all my attractive escort friends without their permission. Secondly, this very elementary question depends on several factors that have noting – I truly mean nothing – to do with my aesthetic. I have the hots for black girls, whereas you prefer blondes with blue eyes. I get turned on by intelligence and strength, whereas you may prefer a subdued wallflower who doesn’t interject in conversations with her opinions. I think large natural breasts are a vision more powerful than childbirth, yet you may lean toward enhanced breasts that rebel against the natural sag.

You know the best thing about chemistry? It’s that even scientists cannot fully explain it. I’ve known clients who had plenty of stunning fashion models sent to them, yet remarkably they still requested the company of the moonfaced 5ft 4″ cutie who would not turn one head if she walked through a restaurant. However, she knows things that pretty girls don’t know. Remember, beauty is dangerous, intelligence is lethal and a powerful essence is unexplainable.

Instead of looking tirelessly on the internet, tell a trusted agency what your type is and whether or not they have an elite escort that matches your pre-requisites. Once you meet her, look to make the experience as enjoyable as possible. Whether you are on a first date, booking an escort or asking your wife for something she normally says no to, treat her with kindness and respect – with no expectations in mind – and believe me, she will appreciate it and deliver so much more than you had initially hoped for.

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