Why flowers are an escorts best friend

…she receives flowers from a client. Escorts love gifts as do all women because it not only makes them feel appreciated, but also, shows that the person giving the gift has taken the time to think about what she would appreciate. Of all the expensive gifts a man can buy, we will discuss the more cost-value item: flowers.

Flowers are a wonderful present because different colours can ignite various emotions as well as hint towards what sort of a relationship you feel you have with the high class escort. For example, red roses insinuates that there is a great deal of passion between the two parties whereas daisies, sunflowers and orchids arranged into a colourful bunch resonates nostalgic memories between the client and escort; as well as sending a message of good wishes. If you know a high class escort well enough, you will know immediately what will make her tick when you see the right bunch of flowers.

So why do escorts love flowers? Let me count the ways…

Firstly, they are have a short life span which shows that you are happy to invest in items that will yield a guaranteed smile. Small pleasures are transient and this is what makes an escort appreciate them even more. Plus, it means she may receive different types of flowers at unprecedented moments which makes the action all the more romantic. Please note that giving flowers on Valentines Day is as unoriginal as tattooing ‘Only God Can Judge Me’ on your back. Love is lasting but passion is ephemeral which is why flowers are so effective.

The quality of the flowers reflect how you perceive the escort and she will be able to make the difference between a sad cactus from Sainsbury’s and a gorgeous McQueens ensemble. If the flowers are cheap, then you think the escort is. End of.
Flowers stop time! One can gaze longingly and wish their skin was peachy coloured or that their skin smelt like fresh rain. Flowers are a huge distraction to girls and guess who she thinks of when she’s engaged in an association daydream.
They mark territory and this is ironic considering men will moan about how sappy it is to buy flowers but they will always pause, frown and inquire when they see a bright bunch in an escorts flat.
Last but not least, escorts deserve beautiful flowers just as the moon compliments the starry night, the flowers compliment her beauty and it fuels her with an undeniable sense of femininity.

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