Fashion Trends for High Class Escorts this Spring 2016

Fashion comes in cycles and the idea of keeping up with trends can be a little overwhelming but that is not to say that you cannot participate.

This blog is for escorts who are wondering what key items to look out for before the daffodils are replaced by the smell off warm freshly cut grass as summer encroaches upon us…

1). The off-the-shoulder look is gorgeously hot and if you have an angular / prominent collarbone, then this is a style not to be missed. It’s subtle yet revealing and like a dress that shows the entire back of an elite escort, it is alluring but not in the least tacky.
Chloé, Massimo Dutti, Guess, Missoni, Zadig et Voltaire and Topshop have some beautiful lace designs and since this is such a relaxed look, I would not advise that you spend too much money.

2). Re-born from the 90’s, the Neckerchief has come back into fashion and although a man who carries this off obviously has a gresat deal of confidence (Parisian men I am looking at you), it has even more impact when worn by a woman. Ever notice that you take more notice of an air hostess when she has a silk neckerchief wrapped around her neck? Wondering why? Think about bondage and I’m sure you can fill in the blanks yourself 😉
Gucci, Versace do some great bright colours right now and I have seen just as beautiful options in Zara, Calzedonia and Uniqlo.

3). Denim over Denim over Denim. From cowboys to convicts, presidential candidates to punks, hippies to haute couture models, Denim is to the West what Lea & Perrins is to cheese toasties. Remember the Levis adverts in the late 90’s where a hot couple who just wore a white t-shit and washed out jeans would be kissing and for some reason, denim sales went up three-fold universally? Well, we’ve taken it to a new level with denim shirts, dresses and playsuits.
Louis Vuitton and Chanel have some pretty denim items – including hats – this Spring. However, considering that denim was originally created for gold miners in America, it seems a bit ridiculous that an economically effective and durable item would be sold for £1000’s at high end fashion stores. Keep it simple and go to Levi, Replay, PRPS, A.P.C. Trust me, simple is far more attractive and the dress down look is a huge turn on for some men: she may not be a head turner but at least she’s not an escort who will turn your bank account upside down.

4). Lace-up shoes are like lingerie on feet. Forget bold colours and super high heels as there is a new way to catch the attention of a passer-by: bound feet. I am not talking Geisha-tight binding but delicate zig-zag, diagonal, geometric lacing on sandals, pumps and even boots.
Salvatore Ferragamo is one of the first brands to introduce this style this year but also look out for River Island, La Redoute and for those of you who have no concept of saving, then go to Valentino and forget the first reason why you came into escorting.

5). The one way to say you’ve arrived to a party: big earrings. Be bold and loud with your jewellery; tribal, hispanic and Aztec designs are welcome. A pretty face flanked with intricate earrings is the closest you are going to get to wearing a tiara without looking like you are still hoping for Prince Harry to marry you.
I’m going to avoid the obvious like Graff because even royalty find that too hefty for their bank account but there are some gorgeous jewellery shops in New Bond St: Lucia Campbell, Boodles, Cartier, Oliver Weber, Alex Munroe etc. If you have a habit of losing jewellery, fret not, because Monsoon have designs to die for. A good tip is to brush a thin coat of clear top coat nail varnish over a new purchase for longevity purposes and to stop it rusting – thank me later 😉

The list above is one that an high class escort does not have to follow but just in case she has that competitive streak in her – I certainly don’t – then she knows where to shop and what to buy over the course of March and April.

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