Fabrics that make Elite Escorts feel amazing

We asked five elite escorts to disclose what lingerie makes them feel gorgeous and why…

Types of lingerie that makes an elite escort feel great 
Anna: “I love lace because it accentuates my curves and gives every garment that extra touch of class and femininity. I am a busty model so anything padded or ‘pushed-up’ would be futile. Therefore, you will only see me in delicate all-lace pieces from La Perla or Agent Provocateur. The best quality lace is handmade and most definitely from Paris. I also know something else the French are experts at: sweets! Now you know what to bring me if you want to make our meeting even more exciting.”

Luiza: “You can never add enough class to an outfit, and silk is a gorgeous material to convey a message of ultimate sensuality and stylish excellence.
There is more to silk, and I’m referring to the depth of the colour, the contours and shapes it creates, which makes one sub-consciously think of nudity.
May tan skin goes well with pastel colours, and my go-to place for silk lingerie is Jean Yu and Carine Gilson. It’s hard to see the difference in quality on the internet but when you receive such pieces in person, they literally slide off your hands – amazing.”

Annette: “I do not wear latex all the time but it is my ultimate bedroom gear when I feel the need to impress. Lord have mercy on the individual who is with me when I slide on those magic gloves and my tight empress dress. Wearing latex is a ritual as getting into it can be tricky, however, it’s what makes the whole experience fun. The Pjur Cult lubricant I rub  all over my body serves as a dressing aid for the unforgiving latex I eventually slip into. BDSM consumes a large portion of my extra-curricular activities so I need to make sure I am comfortable…to a degree.
High quality latex is durable and looks hot as hell. I suggest you look for pliant, high-quality latex from Coco de Mer and William Wilde. Latex should never be a one-time occasion; feel free to mix and match with silks and lace to explore your inner themes of duality.”

Keira: “You either love velvet, or you don’t! I’m a blonde, hence I find  maroon red or purple velvet looks delicious on me. When I slip on velvet, I feel like a Duchess or a fair lady from the Renaissance era – you can see how my mind wanders just from the touch of a piece of cloth. Velvet is comfortable to wear and mesmeric to look at. A girl who wears velvet will no doubt have lace and silk already in her wardrobe, so this is a pleasant addition. Fleur du Mal and For Love and Lemons create some lovely velvet pieces that every girl should try at least once!”

Lara: “Nudity all the way! I don’t bother with the triviality of lingerie. I mean, they can be gorgeous but every year, the designs become more and more intricate with extra straps, clips and eyelets to the extent that I’m wondering if I’m wearing a chastity suit. I say this all in jest but seriously, being naked is one of the best feelings in the world! Being comfortable in your nudity builds up your confidence. It’s also a reminder of the present from our immediate reactions to our environment: the hairs that stand on end when we are thrilled, the goosebumps that appear when we are cold, the semi-transparent veil that shows a network of veins beneath; a machine that has it’s own survival conscience, and the transient tan lines we sometimes have that speak of adventures across the continent.”

Tactile-emotion synaesthesia is not as rare as it sounds. It is a reference to individuals who experience specific emotions or memories – pleasant or bad – when they touch a particular texture or material. You may store emotions at your fingertips, and we tend to react positively to things that are either soft or smooth; not so heartily to materials that are sharp or rough, unless you derive pleasure from pain.
When you next touch a fabric, consider whether you are feeling with the hand or the heart? Arbitrary surfaces can sometimes makes a human smile, cringe, laugh or cry. As a result, you may want to muse over the material that triggers your endorphins and ask the elite escort whether she would be willing to wear it.

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