Events at Hyde Park : Summer 2016

So your’e in London and thinking about the perfect date with your Elite escort? why not a romantic day out in Hyde-park.

Hyde park is open from 5am until midnight, but we are not suggesting that you visit during these ungodly hours; rather highlighting how popular the ground is whether it is for socialising at events, hosting picnics or taking romantic strolls.

Elite escorts love to be taken out during the day too and she would remember you in articular if you planned an original outing. Below are some suggestions for what you can do in Hyde Park with an elite escort this coming umber 2016…

Everyone loves music so why not take her to the British Summer Time Festival; an extravaganza which showcases live comedy & music, pop-up food stalls, coffee bars and bistros.
There is an awesome line up this year featuring: Massive Attack, Florence and the Machine and Stevie Wonder! That’s an eclectic selection of music so you can guarantee that the elite escort accompanying you will enjoy at least parts of the concert, if not all of it.

Have you ever ran through Hyde Park? I have and I can guarantee it is an amazing experience. The air is the freshest you will breathe in Central London and the gardens are magnificent during the Summer. Most elite escorts exercise regularly in order to stay looking good and they would definitely take you up micheleon an offer to go for a morning run followed by breakfast on the balcony and a day at the spa.

On the subject of exercise, there are Yoga classes that take place in the parks of London and one to watch out for is the Serpentine Pavilion Yoga Group. Even if you or the elite escort are a beginner, you will adapt very quickly as Yoga is enjoyable for every individual.

From performance to exercise, these are two exciting things that you can attend this summer in Hyde Park.

On an entirely irrelevant note, you can also have a great deal of fun feeding the squirrels at Hyde Park with peanuts.

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