Escorting is Lust and Benefits, Not Love

Escorting is a fantastic means of helping out with rent, student loans and savings. However, to enter the industry in pursuit of a long-term partner, or even marriage, is as futile as lighting a match in the rain. This also applies to men who book escorts looking to find a girlfriend or long-term partner.

I humor the clients I meet and draw a line very clearly, to which some take offense, and others, consequently, hold me in higher regards than their wives for not exploiting a situation [that’s right, seeing me is cheaper than maintaining your wife or your mistress]. Most the women who married you for status and money are pseudo-escorts, only they are the true thespian actors of love; the Garry Kasparovs of lust who rely on mental stamina and long-haul strategy. However, the short-term and self-aware escorts, do what they need to do and then move onto the next chapter in their lives.

The reasons why falling in love with a client is foolish

It’s an exchange – whether cold or hard – and they are a means to an end, just as I am not a person to you but a carbon copy of your previous wives when they were in their early twenties, or even the complete opposite of the blue-eyed brunette ectomorph you walked down the aisle for your third marriage. You are a shriveled ballon I inflate with feigned flattery, and I am a hologram that flickers in and out depending on when you want to see me.

The client is amazing, kind, generous, intelligent, charismatic, handsome and single. The client finds you smart, sweet, beautiful, witty, mesmeric and like no other women he’s met. However, you met on these grounds so he will always feel insecure about the men you have encountered in your life, as well as pondering what living in the fast lane really entailed. Another time, another life; just let this meeting prove to you that there are people out there who are a perfect match for you, and sometimes you meet them in the most unlikely scenarios but it does not mean it will work. The real story of Pretty Woman was adjusted for the silver screen; it just does not end that way.

The man is married but moans about his wife? Just listen, don’t offer advice because most the time a client just wants an ear. Deep down, they love their wives but just need an unbiased person, who is not in their circle that they can vent to. Yes, even therapists gossip. When he’s finished unloading his issues, he will immediately feel better and your job is done. Next!

The next client is a married man with children; a wealthy tycoon and charismatic silver fox who never wears his wedding ring. He’s besotted and calls you all the time telling you he’s crazy about you. He’s been booking you every week for over a year, so he’s met his soulmate right? Hah! Don’t for a second think that a man that successful who has millions, if not billions, will ever leave his wife for you. If you are happy with being a kept woman or mistress whilst everyone giggles behind your back, then fine. Just don’t for a second think that you make him happier than his wife. You are temporary, like the tan lines he just got from his holiday in the Maldives… with his WIFE! The kindest, most generous and handsome men I met, had wives whom I heard were aware of their escapades but too scared to speak up in case they lose everything. When I found out they were married, even though they kept inviting me to join them on their international business trips and work events, I despised them. That woman could easily be me and his children will grow up accustomed to passive-aggressive warfare between a husband and wife.

The married / single client keeps texting you things that you would text your newlywed: “You are the most amazing person I have ever met, I think we can have a great future together, you make me happier than my wife” – STOP! Understand that this specimen is probably riddled with issues because he feels he can only find love in a broken place, or the ingrate is tired of the rose he has at home and is looking for a lily in another garden. How long do you think before he starts searching for a tulip? Attention from a new woman is a drug to a man.

Don’t pay attention when the client shows you pictures of his picture-perfect life on social media, it will only make you mistrust men and possibly ruin a future healthy relationship through your own self-fulfilling prophecies.

Women and escorts need to realize that only a small portion of men see escorts, and for whatever the reason, remember they too have needs – just don’t get caught up in the illusion.

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