An Elite Escort talks about developing positivity and improving health

Negativity has no friends, apart from anxiety and depression and that’s a circle you’d rather not associate with. Misery loves company, hence its best to separate yourself from pessimistic people and be surrounded with individuals and activities that boost your well-being – mentally and physically. Coming from a gentle Elite Escort, I will talk about why it’s important to surround yourself with happiness.

Did you know every thought has an energy and since humankind started from one single cell of existence – if you’re a priest, then don’t take offence – then the same law applies to the elements?  Ever wondered why happy people always seem that much more beautiful? Dr Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist and water researcher, proved through years of research and high speed photography that the most beautiful water crystals were formed when the words ‘love and gratitude’ were written on the bottle. Fact: we are 70% water and thoughts, albeit good or bad, not only resonate in our sub-conscious but manifest externally. Remember, when we were children and an insult would make our world crumble but as an adult, we’ve learnt to brush it off? The problem is that the child never grew out of us, else why would women still swoon at Disney-styled dresses and why do men secretly play xbox with the kids when the wife’s not around? When we hear something, no matter the age, we register it and hold it. You will become what you are surrounded by; you will also develop the same sentiments, moral ethos and habits as your friends. Support and the desire for you and your peers to succeed will only have positive vibrations.

Three poignant activities that improve your overall well-being and health

In fairness, we may have a great life and supremely lovely friends but there will be moments when we wake up feeling so bad. There are mornings where I have woken up woeful or gone to bed depressed and not known why. In the morning, the first thing to do, is exercise. I recommend a run in the park as the endorphins released and the copious intake of fresh air is akin to the feeling of a long spa treatment. Try to exercise in the early morning; our lung capacity is at it’s largest between 6am to 9am, hence the more oxygen travelling through our bloodstream, the better.
Sleep is hugely important and if you have trouble nodding off, then don’t eat sugar after 6pm and eat a meal with carbs and protein because the combination will make you feel rest-induced. Try to sleep around 10pm. Between 10pm and 2am is when our cells regenerate the most so it’s no surprise that we still feel lethargic when falling asleep around 4am and waking up at 1pm. I don’t care what any Elite Escort says, if she is willing to spend x amount on a Chanel bag, then she can afford an extremely good memory foam mattress with sheets of at least 500 thread count. Cheval and Yves Delorme are fantastic brands. Go all out on your bed, even if it means you have to skip a holiday due to expenses. You spend most your time in bed – at least a third – and not on holiday. If it’s the other way round then Houston, you have a problem.
Drink plenty of water – approximately 2.5 if you are female and 3.5 if male. Add another litre of water if you include expertise during the day. Hydration increases our concentration by 20%. Do you find water difficult to drink? Maybe it’s too acidic or alkaline for your PH preferences so try different brands and develop a taste for one that’s more palatable. I love Waiakea water because I swear to god I can taste pineapple in there. The water is full of electrolytes so you feel more hydrated – very much like the effect of coconut water. You may even prefer tap water due to the strong mineral taste. If you think this is trivial and love your booze, then what if I were to tell you that your Balvenie single malt will taste slightly different depending on what water you add to it? If you are looking to buy premium / exotic water, then the best website is Aquamaestro.

Although some of the brands I have mentioned may be deemed a little extravagant, don’t you think that by incorporating a better bed, more exercise and good quality water will improve your life much more than a phony yoga escape to Big Sur which will reach six figures and the mere duration of a long weekend? It’s worth remembering that you should start at the basics and build.

Allegra x

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