Elite escort Guide – part 1

Every industry and business has a grey area and this rings true especially for escorting. An industry riddled with misconceptions and presumptions where escorts are deemed either bad, sad or simply mad and the clients are blood-sucking lecherous men. Let’s give this reputation a facelift from a pseudo-surgoen escort shall we?

I, Lilith have worked as an Elite escort for several years and I have become acquainted with some of the most interesting women from different backgrounds and some incredible men. And yes, there are young, handsome and successful clients ringing the agency on a frequent basis. So why do you we attract such a high calibre of individuals?

There are plenty of escorting agencies out there with beautiful escorts and our website is nice at best but it does not blow every other female clad web design out the water on the www. Our secret is discretion, we have a limited amount of girls and although we have a delightful variety, we may not have your exact type.

The reason being is we don’t just take on anyone. We meet our girls and after thorough vetting, we ascertain whether or not they can show a gentleman a fantastic time whilst abiding by good morals and strict ethics. Good hygiene, amicability, high emotional intelligence, respect as well as discretion are our top pre-requisites. Beauty? That’s a given and in our quotidian, we encounter attractive women all the time but what makes a man not just experience but remember a woman? However, we have not displeased a client to date and have met the fantasy that each individual has asked for. Let me remind you that we have quite the variety of clientele.

We treat all matters with discretion and this is why we have regular clientele and a solid base of elite escorts who trust us. We don’t even indulge in industry gossip because no one knows us apart from a select few girls who are honest and trustworthy and these girls are exclusive to us.

There are countless girls who are not even featured on our site who work with us once every full moon for significant events. The girls who are pictured on the website are regular available and have the option of reducing the image so that the eyes are not visible or simply having a blank space where we write a description which is accurate but vague enough so that even the most curious of individuals would not suspect.

I hope you liked my blog today... Xo Xo

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