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Ebony Escorts are the sexiest kind of all Elite escorts London has to offer , in this article we will tell you exactly why we at Lilith-escort consider black escorts as the Top of all VIP escort experiences. I'm talking the Afro-disiac inducing, confidence boosting, silky skinned beauties with chocolate vocals. Black escorts are in a league of their own! Having known male friends who were head over heels infatuated / in love with them, I of all womanizers, never really look twice unless the woman is black or a redhead...

There are two black escorts with Lilith who are not shown on the website because they wish to remain completely private. It is a shame really because they are both unbelievably gorgeous. If you are interested in seeing Nubia or Chloé, then ask the receptionist for more information.

My love for black escorts bloomed after I met a woman called Harriet who was half Ghanese, half Italian. I had a history of being too intimidated to approach black woman due to their perfect tight physiques, symmetrically shaped faces, beautiful flawless skin and dreamy laughs. Luckily, Harriet approached me and she taught me everything I know.
Since Harriet, I can’t take my eyes off black escorts and the pictures. Black escorts rarely have any surgery, they are born with an inner confidence that radiates. Black escorts don’t need make up and they are never
shy to dance. A black escort is a woman with a pronounced effect, a woman who reaches her prime then stops ageing. When she laughs, she laughs, when she dances, you’re not sure which part of her body to focus on without looking like a pervert.

Men from all over the world travel to meet mixed-race women or those of African descent. They have an allure which is exotic and adventurous and it didn’t surprise to see the magnetic pull of a black woman when I watched my Cape Verdian friend sing Jazz at The 21 Club, New York. Men were falling over each other to pick up the microphone when it dropped. She, like most black women have a charm that lingers in our memory.

O, come find thee my Nubian Queen, let me be the ivory to your ebony!


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