Easter break with an Escort

Easter is approaching and your friends and colleagues seem to have planned what they are doing over the long weekend before the snow from December had even melted. Fret not, a plan B or even C does not necessarily mean it’s a bad one and sometimes the last option turns out to be the best of them all. By that, I mean booking a delightful Elite Escort!

A huge misconception is an escort is just for the night-time where they move synonymously with the shadows and desires of discerning gentlemen – think again! There have been bookings where a girl was told to pack a pair of wellingtons and warm clothing and it turned out she spent a long weekend in the Lake District with a client and seven of his friends. He told his friends she was an old university friend and that piece if information was sufficient. As people get older, they realise they have secrets of their own (everyone does) and as a result they tend to not pry as that opens room for you to ask questions.

Back to the Lake District: the high class escort had an amazing time and told us how she went clay pigeon shooting, strawberry picking and even made Pot-roast Pheasant with Cider and apple with his friends. She felt she had been exposed to a side of the United Kingdom that was never discussed in London.

It is fair to say that London is not England and I am always shocked to find out how so many well-travelled individuals have not seen National Trust landmarks or even heard of famous cities outside of London that are world famous.

There are a range of outdoor activities you can do with an escort such as skiing in the snow dome in Milton Keynes or paint balling in Surrey and even rowing down the River Thames. Some escorts live for the night but a great deal appreciate day-time activities more than anything else. They are the type of escort to go to bed early. Some of the escorts we know well wake up early, go to the gym, follow a very healthy regime and love to explore. These are the type of escorts who would relish the opportunity to encroach on an endless egg hunt and also possess the ability to hold an intelligible conversation over brunch.

If you ask us, we recommend the following escorts for outdoor activities:

Jenny, Vicky, Aurora, Malu and Shadi.

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