The Duplicitous Fantasy

Finding the right escort to spend time with can prove to be a treasure escapade in itself, especially when there is no guarantee that you will feel a spark, despite her being breathtakingly beautiful and charming.
Booking an escort in advance means you will most definitely make an informed decision by telling the receptionist what aesthetic and personality type you enjoy, thus allowing the agency to suggest other options you may be interested in. However, some clients just can’t find the right woman for the date; they continually change their opinion and desires. The more they vacillate, the less attractive the girl becomes, even though they thought she was unbelievably stunning minutes ago. The irony is that had they walked past her in the street, they would dream of being able to glance a second time but now that the option is there, it’s no longer appealing to them.

Indecision is insecurity 

Indecisiveness is acceptable when the decision, if steered on our path, has monumental affects on our future and those around us. We dither when we decide which numbers to select for the lottery draw as much as we analyse on whether the person we are dating could be our long-term partner.
You may be one of those gentleman who believe they have reached enlightenment by proxy because they attended a meeting held by the Delai Lama in a 5* star hotel.  In such an event, everyone drank champagne from $1000 crystal glasses, and were lectured on how the sound of the key turning in their front door has a knock-on effect on the entire cosmic system. You eat this up because it opens your mind to new variables and irresolutions, allowing you to avoid the real problems at hand. However, this is escapism; pure fantasia that some people revel in because it’s always easier to land all the responsibility on others, even inanimate objects as opposed to ourselves. This applies directly to clients who sometimes can’t decide on which girl to choose. They may book once but that has been after weeks, or months, of deliberation. They call themselves the connoisseurs of escorting, the ‘in the know’ of the newest ladies to join any website. They are kings in their own minds; the ultimate pundit who – ‘apparently’ – has seen every escort in the industry, so is looking for a woman who has all the best attributes of others in her league. They discuss services as though they are asking for ostentatious side dishes in a Michelin Star restaurant. Beauty is found in variety; a delight that can only be appreciated holistically. Any beauty is augmented with a wonderful mind and a kind personality.

The final conquest

So, the choice has been made, and the choice is on its way…indecision, indecision, indecision. Of course, that anticipation of what she will be like: will she be the package? Will she like me? Will she be worth her weight in gold? Will I want to have another aquaintance with her?
These are the many questions that we will want to have answered but only on meeting, will be addressed.

However, for the last of the great disectors and non-committed to honoring their end of the deal, it’s time to stand back and maybe take up another hobby.

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