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The immortal question that many a girl has been asked on her travels: have you ever invited – or been invited as – a third? Now most girls would gush with embarrassment and horror, not this girl.

No this girl decided to play along, as all those beautiful girls who have been chatted up know; he was handsome, dashing, very charismatic with those soulful eyes that you dive into and you never find your way out. The ice in my glass stopped clinking against the crystal as I lowered my drink to the high-bar surface.

I felt obliged to answer his question: so I did.

Most women delve into airplane mode which unbeknown to me, I went into. I shall relay the story not only to him, but now to you:

The best encounters are the ones that are least expected, you know, ones that occur – they just happen. I woke up very early on a beautiful morning in Milano at the Palazzo Parigi. I ravished breakfast and decided to go lounge by the pool whilst my boyfriend, Edward, was having a lie in. While there, there were a few children, families, couples, a few mature couples and in the distance I saw this beautiful regal young lady sitting there who was close to my age. Not in my wildest dreams did I think that this innocent introduction would lead to one of the best lunch dates of my life. As I sashayed up to her, the waiter was heading a perpendicular route to me, so I asked for two mojitos to help break the ice.

I kept running through how I would introduce myself to her; my lip trembled. What should I say to her? I think I will use the excuse of registering similarities, notably, that we may both be of the same age. Wait, was she alone? Surely not, unless her boyfriend is mad enough to leave her by the pool looking as stunning as she was. My god, I finally understood why men get so nervous about approaching a woman; a feeling I digested and stored in the archives of my memory for anytime a man approaches me in the future.

As I approached the amazing specimen of a women with a bust that was as juicy and round as cantaloupe melons and legs that reflected the relentless heat, I politely requested if I could sit next to her. She smiled and pulled the adjacent lounger closer to her. I – unregrettably – checked her out. She had beautifully sculpted shoulders, sensual petite hands, cinnamon coloured skin and long straight honey coloured hair tied up messily into a pony tail. All this was gorgeously complemented by her striking violet coloured eyes and carnation pink lips. She was very welcoming and we struck up an innocent conversation, although I could not concentrate on what she was talking about in her thick Italian accent. Perving and staring at her bussom, I am not ashamed to say I felt a slight bit envious; musing to myself how it would feel to caress and explore her peaks. And as I was thinking and contemplating, her facial expression turned from curiosity to bemusement – she read my murky mind. You know that feeling when you are caught in the act and you assume a coy and sheepish manner because you’ve been busted? My saving grace was the butler who arrived with the two drinks which, to my delight, was a complete game changer. I very seductively grabbed both glasses and intently licking my lips, handed one over. And as I handed it over, I waited for her to reach for the cup and I allowed her fingers to brush over mine. She responded to my finger violation by standing up and hugging me, yet something in the embrace gave me the green light and caused my blood to pump so fast to the extent that I could feel the nerves tingling in the tips of my fingers. It all happened so fast; it led to a surreal situation and within seconds we found ourselves in an unspoken understanding and she followed me to my room.

As we entered, we caressed one another and I caught a whiff of her deep musk. We fell onto the bed, continually stroking each others skin and nuzzling our faces into one another’s neck. My boyfriend awoke and as he kissed my neck. He commenced to position himself in-between us and promptly dived into the curvaceous bussoms that engulfed him, making sure never to take his eyes off of me. As he positioned himself there, she moved towards the end of the bed and worked vigorously as I systematically kept my head above the deep end only to relinquish my pride and work my way down under. As we beavered away, my boyfriends body tensed up and our eyes met sensually with the knowledge of what shower was to befall us.

And so ended one of the most wonderful experiences of my life, I now understand why duo escorts are so highly sought after.

I can’t promise that you will bump into this Milanese delight by the edge of the pool, but Lilith can help provide a bespoke couple escort experience, whether you are alone or planning such an occasion with your respective partner. We know all the girls’ personality types and understand that a successful couple escort experience requires more than just aesthetically harmonious faces; the escort needs to truly take pleasure in it!

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