Dubai Vs Singapore who has the best escorts?

If you are constantly travelling all over the world for business, then you will have no doubt stopped over in Singapore and Dubai at least once. In both these areas, the elite escorts are phenomenal and we are going to list the reasons why…

The escorts of Singapore are sassy and understand the art of seduction. Celebrating high-octane parties, business growth and shopping prowess, Singapore really made a mark on the map from 1965. From third world to first in a blink of an eye, Singapore has even given Hong Kong a run for it’s money when concerning economic expansion.

Ever heard of the notion that your environment shapes you? Singapore is famous for its cleanliness so it’s no surprise Singaporean Escorts are renown for their emphasis on the small details. They love to preen themselves; from their perfectly sculpted eyebrows, right down to their manicured toes, there is never a spec of dirt in view. These women are sassy and understand that seduction starts with cleanliness.

This city is famous for having two (out of three) of the most expensive buildings in the world. Singapore isn’t cheap and putting aside the fancy restaurants and glitzy bars that punch your wallet before you’ve even ordered drink, you better be strapped before you start flirting with the six foot tall Namibian beauty drinking a Moscow Mule at the bar. Before you call her superficial, you should ask yourself why you don’t work for a charity if you’re so altruistic.

Singapore, we salute your 51 years of independence, fully efficient city and magnificent escorts; may the future only bring you even more success and good fortune! Tahniah!

Next up is Dubai! Dubai is special because despite the immediate associations – from those who have not visited or fully researched – to camels and white Keffiyeh robes worn by the locals, it is home to various expats from all over the world and some gorgeous elite escorts.

Dubai’s service is second to none and does it really surprise you considering that they were the first place to open a seven star hotel. Well, forget seven star, because a Dubai escort will show you what a 10 star experience is like – Marhaban!

You want it, they got it! The mall of Dubai has a huge ice rink in the centre. Despite the unforgiving heat that the UAE experiences, they manage to satiate any desire that the locals or tourists may have. The same can be said of a Dubai escort who can pull the most amazing trick out a hat, even when you least expect it.

Dubai, I bow down to the geniuses who founded your city and have continued to make it one of the most desired retreat locations in the world. Not only do tourists love you, but so do your people and that speaks volumes.

Singapore escorts or Dubai escorts? Some choices will always be hard to make.

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