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Online shopping was founded in 1979 by Michael Aldrich. Speed forward 37 years and we find ourselves totally immersed in this non-reality called the internet.
Luxury and designer fashion has undoubtedly benefited the most from the online selling platform. Below I will list some of the best luxury e-commerce sites that one can consume from and experience…

Luxury online shopping

Certain etailers, offer some of the most gorgeous and unique pieces that stand apart from it’s competitors -pieces that you won’t even find in the flagship stores. Their flamboyant and contemporary take on a bohemian lifestyle elevates it to the more contemporary chic market.
Our Korean counterparts have proven to be quite the trendsetters with some of the most influential bloggers, with the funkiest outfits, exporting their fashion trends to all four continents. Mytheresa have followed suit and dedicated a Korean language site for our chic friends across the ocean.

For the more classic, urban fashionista, there is always Net-A-Porter, with its introduction to new designer labels, established names and fashion houses, everything that can be purchased, from the smallest accessories to items in the bedroom and bathroom. Let’s be honest, everyone waits for their infamous sales for which NAP are very gracious in their mark downs.

Matches is one of the most established names on the market, and a bloggers delight. Nothing surpasses this fashion house. Every trend can be found, from the latest look on the catwalk, to the ‘new insignificant kid on the block’ designer, with his exaggerated sense of fashion. An establishment that is well-known overseas and by movie stars alike. One can enter a Matches store and be lost in a fashionistas dream. Bloggers enter at their own peril as there will be so much to write about, and there always is. Note: any bloggers worth their wight in gold, will always mention Matches in one of their excerpts.

For the more conservative, not so bothered about fashion, but just like clothes on my back client, Farfetch is the perfect friend. Everything can be found at the tap of a button. However, take note, that this is open to all clients and they have a network that reaches every single store. If one is not industrious, what was seen an hour ago, will not be available anymore. Grab it while you can and enjoy your shopping online.

Now hurry up, open a new window, and enjoy shopping – be nice to the card ladies!

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