Colour Etiquette When Sending Flowers

There is a special occasion and you need to send flowers, yet you are not sure what type of floral arrangement to consider. However, the colours you choose are just as important as the assortment itself…

What colour conveys which message?

First and foremost, our emotions are the first thing that we project when we deliver a beautiful bouquet to someone. Emotions are a delicate issue so it’s important that we get it right and don’t lead an individual down the wrong path. Let’s assume that we are dealing with one of the most universally popular flowers in the world: the rose.

Red – Nothing professes ‘love’ like red roses, although they can be sent to a very close friend or mother but it’s more suited to a romantic dynamic.

Yellow – Yellow roses signify friendship and jealousy; a paradox in a bouquet so it all depends on the relationship you have with that person. If you are – no doubt – on good terms, rest assured, this is a positive colour.

White – Feelings of innocence, purity, sympathy and spirituality are associated with white roses. This may be why they are seen at weddings or funerals; two very different occasions that are similar by the fact that they signify the end/beginning of an era.

Pink – Grace and elegance are conducive with pink roses. Most importantly, they represent happiness; a present most appropriate for a friend or a woman you have been in a long term relationship with.

Peach / Orange – A sumptuous colour that shows devotion and therefore, is the right colour for any occasion.

If you would like to arrange roses with other types of flowers, be aware that the surrounding flowers make a statement too. For example, orchids are seen as mystical and due to there being 20,000 variations, you will make a woman feel unique if you have chosen an exceptionally rare species of orchid. Lilies are the second option if you wish to make a romantic statement, but in a slightly more reserved and aloof manner. The ultimate flower of sophistication and humility, lilies can be used for any occasion, but when combined with roses, they send the ultimate message of love, unity and progression forward.


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