Cocktails in Mayfair – elite escorts tips.

Many Mayfair escorts choose to be based there because of the plethora of attractions which boast top restaurants, cocktail bars, members clubs and casinos…

You can guarantee that a Mayfair escort will frequent the swanky bars where they love nothing more than sipping on delicious cocktails. Women love cocktails like Bonnie loves Clyde. It’s no wonder that even fashion houses nicknamed a genre of clothing as ‘cocktail dresses’ – talk about organic growth when it comes to my middle name, consumerism.

If you are taking an escort out in Mayfair for drinks, then the choice of venue will help a great deal in making the night even more enjoyable. I will discuss two places that you may be interested in taking her / him.

Our first contender is Coburg, based in the beautiful Connaught Hotel, tucked away in Carlos Place. This bar has an exclusive aura with it’s peaceful charm hinted through the dark and Gothic interior. The Pisco sour is delightful, if you are into Citrus flavours.

The next destination is The Luggage Room. This beautiful lower ground bar is pure decadence. Connected to the 5-star Marriott of Grosvenor Place, this is the perfect venue for birthdays, friendly drinks and private encounters. An escort and I frequent there to sip on Margharita’s.
The bar is super comfortable with leather padding and studs being the main architectural theme with handmade wine cabinets and an amazing liquor display flanking the rest of the interior. Once a room that was used for entirely for storing luggage during the Gregorian period. It’s vibe is a combination of modern cocktail making prowess and efficiency combined with a nostalgic nod to the past, resonated through the bar through the smooth 1920’s jazz. Tasteful contradictions make the best memories. The clue is in the size and I wrote so much about this bar because the synapses in my brain lead to this bar whenever someone mentioned the word ‘cocktail.’

Are you the sort of gentleman who has ruddy cheeks, tousled hair, egg-stained collars with little patience and a habit of ordering a bottle of still water with your spirits? Then you probably love whiskey, and in that case, you must try – or no doubt already have – The Whisky Bar at The Atehnaeum. From the Scottish Highlands to Japan, this bar – impressively – has the largest selection of whiskey’s in London, proudly presenting 3oo options. The menu even has a selection of cheeses that go well with every whisky mentioned – that’s dedication. The bar does also offer champagne so your escort companion will be happy too. However, she may like whisky too and in that case, let’s hope you both don’t get into a rumpus.

There are many more bars I could discuss but I just caught a glimpse of a cheeky ray of sunshine so I am going to jump outside to bask in the momentary warmth.

Bye for now, your favourite elite escort Alexa xxx

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