Chemistry with an Escort – is it real or not?

You may be new to this industry or you have frequented many sites and seen many escorts. If you are the latter, then you will have no doubt met at least one incredible elite escort that lingered in your memory for days or even months after. The best things take you by surprise which is why we encourage you to have an open mind when you are looking for a high class escort to spend valuable time with.

However, the question is ‘does this elite escort really enjoy this?’ or more specifically, ‘does the escort enjoy the experience with myself as the client?’ Asking an elite escort outright will not only put her in an awkward situation but it’s displays a self-projection of shame and guilt as though she should not be enjoying the line of work she is in whereas there are girls who really do enjoy escorting. Would a judge ask a lawyer whether or not he actually enjoyed his job when he is half-way through arguing his case in the courtroom? I didn’t think so. Therefore, let’s leave rhetorical questions for passive aggressive warfare in the office or condescending teachers back at school who told you you were too imaginative to hold down a real job, and, lo behold you are CEO of an NMA listed Digital Marketing Innovation Agency.

This leads me to discussing the factors that show the escort is into you without you having to ask her and deal with an answer that does not really satisfy your curiosity…

Please remember that this is successfully communicating interest in one another and not confirming that you are soul mates.

A) The elite escort teases you and you feel comfortable teasing her back. This playful repertoire shows an interest in finding out where each of you stand in the attraction stakes. If the said elite escort plays along with the teasing it means she’s willing to engage in innocent self-deprecation so that you don’t think she is too out of reach.

B) Is this VIP escort a tad sarcastic with you? Does she highlight a dire situation with dry wit and do you like a woman who can serve with a left hand? Some men like the challenge and if she makes serious comments about a silly situation with a slight smile, then you know she’s trying to show off her attributes that are above her bust line. Smart escorts like sharp men and there is nothing sexier than a guy who pick up on the nuances of our behaviour and interpret it in the right context. It shoes emotional intelligence as well as a connection. I’ve had a connection with people I’ve met for five minutes but never seen them again. A little sarcasm is great but too much hints at stuck behaviour and pretentiousness which we know stems from insecurity.

C) The high class escort allows you to break physical space and does not flinch if you rest your hand on hers or touch her lower back when you guide the escort through the front doors of a restaurant. We all have an energy that we pick up on and if the escort is drawn closer to you rather than stepping back and she can keep eye contact and smile, then you can guarantee that she’s interested.

There you have it and I hope this small but useful list will help you ascertain where you stand next time you see a beautiful elite escort.

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