Celebrity escorts in London.

Would you believe me if i’ll tell you that there are at least 25 female celebrities that work as an Elite escort in London? well yea it’s true, apparently London VIP escort girls are not just a collection of annonymos sexy ladies in boots, no sir.. there is a hidden class of London escort! A very High-class escorts (: Celebrity escorts.

Many years ago when i was a young and spicy new escort in Mayfair i met a girl in a party, the girl was familiar to me but i just couldn’t place my finger on where do i know her from.. so i approached her and asked were do we know each other from? she smiled to me and started throwing out random names of people and places we might have met in before, but still no match.

As the night continued and we got closer together in a way that only two young and pretty escort girls will,  and during all our mischiefs  i kept on asking her where do i recognize her from.. but no answer, she just toyed with me IMG-20160408-WA0002with her big smile and frozen blue eyes.

At the end of the job we went out for a drink, just me and her, and while sitting at the bar i noticed that so many people are looking at us, waving and blowing kisses… FIVE different guys sent us drinks and roses, i was shocked! i always knew i was pretty but NEVER in my life i experienced that much attention!

What’s happening i asked her? do all these people know you?

Yes, she said, they love my work..

They know your’e an escort??? what?? they all spent time with you? girls also?

Hahahahaha she laughed while spilling her martini all over the bat table .. No no.. my main work in not an escort she said, I’m a singer, quite famous actually.

At that moment i felt as if light has shine all over my face, That’s where i know you from! i seen you on posters all over Soho, oh my god i can’t believe i missed it.

She laughed and got back to her drink.

So why do you escort i asked? are you not afraid some one will recognize you?

Of course they recognize me! this is why they want me so bad, there are many celebrity escorts in London , we’re like a secret society she said and laughed.

We became good friends and as the years went by i got to know many of her friends, famous actresses, dancers, Top models and musicians, hidden escort girls for London’s Elite.

As i write these words to you right now, i know of at least 25 celebrity escorts working in London, TV and film stars and even one low ranked politician , we all have a hidden side i guess.

There’s a snake in the garden… look how pretty he moves.

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