Caffeine Couture

When we think about Central America and coffee, we’re prone to conjure images of the farming and production of green beans. But what if we told you there’s a coffee boom – a coffee drinking boom, that is brewing in London’s hip capital over the course of the last twenty years, that is now peaking? Join us for a ramble around London’s best coffee shops and a look at how escorts and coffee go together like sugar and spice…

Flatlining without a flat white
Escorts have a hectic lifestyle and even though every neighbourhood will have at least a Pret, Nero, Starbucks and Costa within the vicinity, the best and most unique flavors tend to come from the independant coffee vendors. Soho, Covent Garden, Islington, Mayfair and Shoreditch have risen to the challenge of King of the coffee districts. Competition breeds evolution, and as the coffee concoctions become more extravagant, we – the consumer – grow spoilt. Frankly, there is nothing wrong with that.
Soho is an amazing location for coffee shops and the Soho escort will not need to walk more than ten meters to get a Jamaican Blue coffee with almond milk and cinnamon dusting, should that be to her palette. Soho escorts will frequent the coffee shop on Lexington Street, Berwick street and Bateman Street for some of the best brews that London has to offer. Covent Garden escorts love to keep their finger on the pulse, and due to their energetic lifestyle, they can rest assured knowing that Maiden Lane or New Row have some quirky coffee houses that can offer them some delightful treats.

Why escorts love coffee
The energizing jolt of a coffee can set you up for the morning/day/evening, spiking our adrenaline levels, heightening our senses and invigorating our bodies and minds.
Once you have experimented with the various varieties of coffee, there is no looking back. Coffee has been driven to act as an anti-depressant and since London can be a little lonely sometimes, there is nothing more satisfying than a warm cup of coffee to brighten your mood.
Escorts exercise a great deal to keep their bodies in tiptop shape, and after a workout, an espresso can be a godsend. The coffee helps relax tense muscles – relieving lactic acid, as well as boosting your metabolism so your body is still burning fat even after your workout.
Escorts have so much going on: one minute they are in Singapore, the next they are flying back to London to see an important client, or they are preparing for their day job.
Coffee improves her memory and enables an elite escort to multi-task and govern difficult situation. You would be surprised how a mere extra 5% of concentration can resolve many a difficult situation.

There are many reasons why coffee is the next best drink – other than champagne – for an elite escort. However, never indulge in too much fun because as most elite escorts can tell you: the novelty of anything wears off relatively quickly.

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