Busted in the act of ogling

If you like the large breasts, then look no further than Lilith Escort Agency. We represent a selection of escorts who cater to every taste and many of the escorts are well-endowed. It is a well-known fact that men love boobs of all shapes and sizes but we all have a preference. Every one of the elite escort have a beautiful face and a gorgeous body but if you are looking for something specific, such as a large natural or enhanced bust, then ask the receptionist to help you select the best companion(s) for you.

For some men, the infatuation with large breasts range from curiosity to outright obsession, and there is nothing wrong with that. Men are programmed to admire breasts because it’s biologically programmed within them. Sure they are, to put it simply, sacks of fat hanging from women’s chests but they represent a taboo, unchartered territory and endless presumptions on how a particular pair may feel. Most ankles will feel the same but every set of breasts will feel different. Just as we instinctively seek out sugar due to it’s high energy levels, men gravitate towards women who produce copious amounts of estrogen because the chances of them producing healthy offspring is higher. Women with higher estrogen levels tend to have larger breasts.

Let’s move away from science and reel off the reasons why big breasts are just awesome…

1) The look insanely good in the right dress. If you take an elite escort out and you are looking to turn heads, then ask her to wear a classy dress that doesn’t show too much skin but outlines her figure. I’m talking about the hourglass figure-hugging knee-length Rouland Mouret style dresses – the type that distracted Neo in The Matrix when “the lady in the red dress” managed to sway his attention momentarily.

2) If let loose under a t-shirt with no bra, it creates a confusingly hot dichotomy. “She’s low-maintenance enough to wear an oversized scruffy white Tee and boyfriend jeans, that shows she’s not looking for attention from other men but at the same time the no-bra tactic is making us stare even more as though she’s guiding the sailors to the rocks. Oh god, please let it rain hard”

3) Come December and the window pane is laced with ice and the cold air cuts your lungs like shards of ice, there is nothing more comforting than knowing you can book an elite escort to come and let you nuzzle your face in her cashmere jumper with two large pillows underneath.

4) Women with larger breasts have more adipose tissue which enables them to float easily in water. If you are looking to take an elite escort on a yacht trip, then you can be assured that she will have more energy than you in the water.

The enchanting spell that large breasts cast is something mankind has, is and will be discussing in depth for years to come. Just sit back and enjoy the large breasts that are blocking your view, because some phenomenons are most impactive because we don’t know the exact answer of how and why.

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