Blonde Escorts Have More Fun?

Elite Escorts are the Geisha’s of the new world, each one has her own charm and each type can bright a different part of ones day. London escort girls comes in all shapes and colours – So in this Article we will speak about our classic – Blonde Elite Escorts

Hair is one of the first things we notice on a woman and some would argue that ‘her’ hair is half her beauty. To take things a little further, some believe hair colour and style says a lot about the individual which has an effect on how we perceive certain people or formulate preconceptions.

So let’s not dance around the bush and take the bull by the horns; what are the stereotypes? Firstly, blondes are considered more flirtatious, bouncy and fun-loving than our brunette counterparts. When we discuss brunettes, we are likely to envisage a more enigmatic, intelligent, classy, dull and more serious genre of a woman. Black haired women are considered to be dark, conniving, dangerous yet sexy as hell. This particular stereotype is pushed further with villainesque characters in films possessing this colour of hair and normally styled in a sleek – no-nonsense – straight manner. Red hair is rare and has become quite the fetish. If you recall Dolly Parton’s song Jolene, you will remember she talks of a beauty that is ‘beyond compare with flaming locks of auburn hair with ivory skin and eyes of emerald green’ so for those of you who ridicule the red heads as ‘ginger’, beware. An eccentric individual is one who dyes their had vibrant colours such as purple and blue.

At the end of the day, some blondes are geniuses and some are thicker than the Great wall of China, Simultaneously, some brunettes are smart and witty and others are just plain stupid. It all depends on Blode-escorts-2what your type is and whether you like to gaze at a shimmering mane of golden blonde hair that turns heads at every corner or to run your fingers through a silky dark forrest of hair that cascades and tumbles   over her shoulders.

An escort and specifically Blonde escorts should be particular about the clothes she chooses to wear and to ensure that they coincide with her complexion and hair colour. Pale skinned escorts with dark hair should not wear too much black so as to wash them out and blonde Escorts should try to avoid yellow so that they do not get mistaken for a lemon. This leads onto the question of whether we judge by hair colour or overall appearance such as clothes combined with hair colour and complexion. Well, at Lilith escorts we have another factor that also influences how some people are perceived: the aura. Some escorts have that certain something, the Je ne sais quoi which makes them stand out from the rest. You may have an obsession with brunettes but a all of a sudden one of our blonde escorts walks in and turns you into a believer. The way you walk, talk, dress and smile says more than a hair colour ever could.

Therefore, make sure you opt for an escort that does not normally match your criteria of women. You never know, you may be in for a colourful surprise!


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