The best Escort agency in London

A few years back I made a promise to myself, I decided to create the best escort agency in London.

So I collected all of my brain-cells together for a conversation and tried to figure out which are the exact factors that make an Elite escort agency to The best escort agency in London.

I called all of the old agencies I used to work for and asked around, trying to pin down the formula for The best Vip escort.

Many of my old escort agencies told me that the key is in the look, All girls must be beyond stunning, they should wear the finest brands and the most expensive accessories and makeup, they told me that in order to become The best escort agency in London, I must send all of the girls to get their noses done, their breast pumped up and to make sure that they never blink or misplace a word.

Well after hearing this I felt a bit down… I have been an Elite escort in London most of my life and I never been any go these things.. well I'm pretty enough, that’s not the problem (: but I obviously met better-looking girls than me walking the streets every day, I had nice clothes and makeup, but never the best and never overly expensive, at the end of the day I was just a normal girl next-door.

But yet. I was considered to be one of the most elite escorts in London, and why is that you might ask?

well.. because I cared! I really truly cared!

In order to become The best escort agency in London, we must make sure that all of the ladies associated with us will care about their gentleman’s and will not see them as object for gain, Elite escort is LOVE, nothing less, this is exactly the difference between a cheap escort and an elite escort, BEING PRETTY IS NOT ENOUGH !   You must become a Geisha.

An elite escort need’s to be a piece of Art, her looks, her movements, her words and her touch, must all be art.

This is what makes The best escorts agency in London.


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