Best Elite Escort - 18 Yrs Model

Hi guys, this is Lilith

Oh my Oh my what a treat i have for you today

I just finished a wonderful meeting with a young and spicy little swiss escort name Livia.
This tiny and amazing looking honey has a tight and sexy body, positive attitude and an aura of sensuality all around her.

With an innocent look and a seductive twist in her smile she made all the man in the coffee place around us look away from their girlfriend and check- out this amazingly beautiful wonder that was sitting next to me.

Livia didn’t seam to notice all of their looks, but i did.

I have seen many pretty Elite escort and have worked and trained many of Europe Best VIP models, and only on rare occasions i see such a reaction from people to an escort girl, especially considering she had no make up on and where wearing a simple summer dress.

Aim for the Best-Elite escort
I wish i could give you the feeling I got when sitting next to her, her energy was shining from youth and her skin was soft and virgin like.

Alec Fasani-4379
18 years-old-escort
I asked her why she wanted to be an Elite escort and she just gave me a naughty smile and said:

“I like making people happy”

But Why be an Escort in London?

“The nieces guys come to London.. I’m a nice girl, it make since isn’t it”

(Smilimg) what do you like?

“Haha.. i like everything really, i’m really open minded and ready for many experiences as long as the man is nice.

I can be a party girl or a best friend, i can have a long soft night full of touch and cuddling and i can be super energetic.

Than i went silent..

I walkways go silent at the end of an interview… just to see what the girl will do

10 seconds passes

she smiles and blow a kiss my way.

I fell in love that moment.

So Now i’m proud to present Lilith new Elite Escort model 18 years old, swiss Livia

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