Are Professional Photos Crucial for Getting Work as an Escort?

I work with many high class escorts who do not have, or have never had any professional photos. Although many agencies will only accept women who are happy to go online and have professional shots, we understand that there are some women who wish to ‘dip a toe’ in the world of escorting and dabble part-time and of course, prefer discretion. The beauty of this is that this particular escort can offer an amazing girlfriend experience, whilst sustaining her priorities and educational goals.
Countless women will ring and ask me a flurry of questions; enquiries about monetary expectations, privacy, boundaries and the recurrent subject of photos. Read on below regarding common FAQs when discussing photographs.

Are the women as pretty as they are in the photographs?

Yes, and we meet them all. However, by default, the photographer will go over the photos to smooth out inconsistent skin coloring and tweak certain areas of the body so that the model looks amazing. To put things in perspective, even the tough looking models in a Nike advert who are sweating buckets and appear to have no make up on, have had three filters applied to the lens, as well as tons of ‘natural’ make up, followed by airbrushing to lift the cheekbones and chisel the jaw. We are under the illusion that the photo is real because they have left the sweat droplets, freckles, arm hairs and skin pores visible. The model is still stunning in life but there is some serious manipulation taking place in photography and modeling; the biggest culprits being instagram.
Some women look completely different in life, and the only time that has happened with Lilith is when the model in question actually looks better than her photos.

Do I have to have professional photos?

If you want to meet more clients, yes. However, it does not mean you will not have work if you only have a selection of private selfies you took that is not posted on social media. Your camera is your witness and you, the woman, are the art form. When you capture a moment without the pacifying effects of airbrushing, you convey an air of authenticity and charisma that a fashion photographer would find harder to do.

Can I convey my own personality through professional photographs?

There is a market for every beautiful woman, and if you prefer conducting a photoshoot in a baggy green anorak in wellingtons, there will be a humble billionaire philanthropist out there interested to take you out on a date. When you are in such a position of authority, do you really want to risk your discretion with a girl who dresses like she’s at a Cartier convention?

Do I need to be tall and very slim to be considered?

No! Tall, slender women are obviously fantastic because fashion media has conditioned women to think so. Ironically, straight men do not dominate the fashion world, hence images of androgynous women are shoved down our throats. A man’s man likes women with curves, and even a creative director at a top fashion magazine admitted that ribcages and jutting hips are airbrushed in magazine to make ‘thin’ look attractive. In reality, the painfully thin look is not attractive, nor healthy.  Lilith’s Arabic girls are very popular indeed, and they are a minimum size 14, some are curvaceous and voluptuous; our most popular requests.

Should you consider to become an escort, do not obsess over the other escorts and their rates. Look yourself in the mirror and ask what it is you are looking to achieve, what your boundaries are and what you are happy with. A good agency will advise you on neutral grounds, without instilling a sense of competition in you, because there is no such thing when taste has become so eclectic in this day and age. Stick to your rules: if you’re comfortable posting a video, then tell the agency so. If you only wish to work with offline photos, then inform them, they will be happy to accommodate. Most significantly, if you are in a dubious frame of mind, don’t be emboldened by an agency to join this arena – the decision has to be yours.

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