So what is the appeal of English Escorts you ask?

When someone speaks of British men in general, the character James Bond pops into their heads. When another mentions their female counterpart, some are blessed with the image of contemporary British actresses or the sultry yet assertive Lara Croft - we know you weren't interested in the relic hunting aspects of the game when you picked up those game controls! Nevertheless, part of the reason Lara Croft was considered so hot was due to her outrageous curves and sexy facial features juxtaposed with her tones of humility and diligent approach to ancient history...a fantasy that every man could connect with.

English escorts ooze sophistication and style and it’s no surprise that some of the most definitive lingerie adverts have featured gorgeous good-turned-naughty-woman speaking in a cut-glass British accent.

The clichéd – albeit never tiresome – routine of her loosening her ballerina bun allowing her long and soft honey-coloured tresses to collapse around her shoulders, after she has un-buttoned her maxi-length tench coat, is a typical scene that has pervaded the marketing strategies for top underwear brands. Following such adverts, the popularity in English Escorts rose significantly, as did the sales in British trench coats!

Lilith escort agency represents several downright beautiful English escorts: Emily, Alice, Harriet, (not shown on the site), Danielle, Sansa, and Eden. All the escorts just mentioned: possess a beauty unique to their own, dress according to the situation and have charms that would put a leprechaun to shame.

English escorts tend to be the most discreet; should you wish to meet one of the above mentioned ladies, we recommend that you book in advance to secure your first choice. English escorts usually engage in extra-curricular activities such as singing, painting, fitness training, studying and teaching.

Therefore, they can talk on many a subject and are some of the most interesting type of escorts one can come across. We highly recommend Alice and Sansa as our elite redhead escorts and are a novelty at the best of times, so we advise you meet them while you have the chance. It will be nothing short of perfection.

Goodbye for now, see you soon.

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