An Elite Escorts Visit to Japan

If you thought London did a splendid job of mixing old architecture and customs with contemporary culture and mannerisms, then you need to visit Japan – Kyoto specifically.
My trip to “The Land of the Rising Sun” was initially organized by a regular who books me through an high class escort agency. I packed for what was originally going to be a long weekend, however, something about this amazing city kept me longer, and I extended my stay to enjoy the place autonomously for several extra days…

An high class escort in Kyoto 
After stepping into Narita International Airport and thankful to come off an 11 hour flight, I jumped into a booked Tesla and began my memorable journey. Let me highlight the best part of Tokyo so that an high class escort looking to travel alone or with a companion may consider such a wonderful place.

Due to high – in every sense – competition, the luxury hotels in Tokyo are second to none. The influx have tourists have encouraged a rushed construction of magnificent hotels in order to accommodate, and with estimations of 40 million tourists passing through the city in 2020, architecture is a prolific sector. High class escorts love luxury but if you are looking for a more intimate yet opulent setting, then search for the hotels along the Hozu river. The traditional Japanese rooms with modern conveniences offer a retreat-style theme, pure escapism from the world you are used to seeing when you draw the curtains, or shall I say: sliding screens.

Love the hustle and bustle of a market environment? Nicknamed “Tokyo’s Kitchen,” Nishiki food Market comprises of rows and rows of shops and stalls that offer everything from Tofu to fresh vegetables. Real local food starts at the market so resist the urge to eat out only at fine restaurants; you have London for that.
For more industrial shops and centers, visit Osaka, specifically Shinsaibashi-Suji. This arcade has indoor and outdoor restaurants and cafés selling local delights as well as imported produce.

High class escorts love boats tours and star-gazing, so why not see Tokyo in different angles at night? For over 400 years the Sumida river has been a key transport link, with the link from Asakusa to Odaiba being one of the most popular.

I can’t write a travel itinerary on Tokyo without mentioning Kabukicho. Considered the world’s safest red light district, this licentious neighborhood is situated right in the centre of Tokyo. Strip clubs, hostess bars, wash bars – yes, you heard me correctly, and erotic massage parlours line the busy streets of naughtiness. As an high class escort, I was amused to sit in a restaurant and see waitresses wearing less than I ever have in public, running around with plastic guns shooting robots, and serving my food in the interim.
Casinos are banned in Japan so gambling – although it’s not top of my priority – was not on the ‘cards.’

Already living in a busy city, makes a London high class escort desire to visit new natural landscapes. Mount Fuji is one of Mother Nature’s finest examples. Sip coffee and eat delicious ice-cream in one of the quaint cafés situated along the shores Lake Kawaguchi. Spring is an ideal time to see such a phenomenon, and you will also be visiting during pink blossom season so it’s a win/win situation!

High class escorts love to dine out at top sushi restaurants in London and as a result, the opportunity to eat the finest sushi from the mother ship should not be missed. Visit Tsukiji fish market to see all kinds of species and eat fish that has been sourced within the morning, or even hour. If you have the mettle to wake up early, or just not go to sleep, attend the 3AM fish auction. Some of the most exotic and rare fishes are auctioned to individuals and restaurants for eye-watering prices. During peak season, the auction starts at 1AM but I managed to secure my seat through making an acquaintance with a female fish monger.


The bizarre and amazing world of Japan offers so much more than the media describes: the pervasive intelligence & common sense of the Japanese people, the complete discrepancy of noise and peace when visiting the Japanese gardens and the famous ski resorts are to name a few of the attractions I encountered.

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