Why adrenaline is a great thing

You know that feeling when our body prepares for dangerous thrills. The exhilarating high brought about when our blood vessels expand, our air passages open up and it feels as though our oxygen count just shot through the roof. Subsequently, our senses are fuelled and every feeling is pronounced.

I will shelve the generic reasons why adrenaline is good for us (increasing memory and kickstarting the instinctual centre etc.) and outline why it’s good to partake in a daily activity – albeit small or large – that gets our heart beating faster.

1). It improves our breathing. Adrenaline promotes muscle relaxation in the respiratory department. When we breathe deeper, we experience mind /body synchronisation and amazing events ensue: time slows down, you feel an inherent connection to the objects around you and you can observe life from an objective point of view.

2). Your vision becomes so sharp, you start to believe the next step is X-ray vision. We all have aspirations so whether you fantasise about training your eyes to ditch the specs or watch Jupiter from Earth, you always need to set am slightly unrealistic target so that you will definitely hit the mark you set just below it.

3). The ‘excitation transfer process‘ is something that keeps us coming back for more. The high vigilance we experience from the unknown keeps us on our toes and somehow addicted to the feeling – good and bad. It’s the very reason why Paranormal Activity will have at least ten more sequels before producers throw in the towel or why I will never stay at a room with ‘101’ on the door. We love surprises that scare and excite us as long as we know we will go back to our habitual lives at the end of the day.

4). Your immune system is boosted when a small dose of stress is released into the blood stream. They operative word here is ‘small.’ This boost helps fight off certain infections and improve our blood circulation, thus avoiding clots.

5). Your threshold for pain becomes higher. This may not sound appealing but when your body converts to ‘flight or fright’ mode, the ability to block out pain makes us prioritise what’s most important, which is surviving rather than focussing on the damage your body has endured.

6). When under stress, it’s amazing what extra strength or courage we have access to. Whether a surfer hits out at a shark after being bitten or a mother opens the jaws of a panther to release her entangled son, we all have it in us when life calls for it.

Below are several activities that will inject some adrenaline into your life:

-Lagoon jumping (see picture provided)
-Hand gliding
-Bungee jumping
-Paint balling
-Meeting your future mother-in-law
-Checking your balance at the atm three weeks after pay day

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