A Mistress could make your life simpler

There are love triangles and then there are love hexagons. In the world of polygamy and extramarital affairs, having a mistress is certainly not uncommon but the popularity has increased due to the nature of the relationship – most of the time – remaining a secret.  Mistresses have been around since the dawn of civilization, from Lilith and Adam (ancient Babylonian texts) to your dad who claims to be going out to buy some more sugar, despite his diabetes.

 What’s that? A mistress tends to be a strikingly attractive, doe-eyed, man-stealing succubus you say! Not entirely, whether the mistress sought the man or the individual approached her – she may have met him as an escort and sparks flew, I believe it is ‘him’ who ultimately has the power to disengage with any woman. If he’s clever, he will find someone trustworthy and dignified in her silence, enabling him to run all facets of his life smoothly – think iron fist in a velvet glove.

So, why are mistresses a good thing?

You get to have a loving wife at home as well as short flings outside your loving sanctuary. With a mistress, you must be clear from the beginning about what it is that you and her want and whether you can come to an agreement about how the liaison will proceed. It is always easier if the woman in question met you initially though an escorting site. Therefore, there are no dark corners or unanswered questions with regards to what the nature of your relationship is and where it is going. A smart mistress knows the game and doesn’t change the rules; that is, she doesn’t fall in love.

You get to try all the fruits of the garden! You re-enact the same rush of meeting someone you are attracted to. The mistress will always look her best and due to not seeing you that often, she will always make the effort. Whether it is purchasing the latest lingerie, or dancing seductively for hours, a mistress will make the short window of time you have together memorable. Familiarity breeds contempt and this is why you will never grow tired of such a woman, given that you see her infrequently.

Many an appetite need to be satiated at some point. Being able to let loose and ‘enjoy’ enables us to take a break from the contemporary social norms we have to uphold in the world of work, the in-laws and of course, your partner. Go ahead, light that cigarette and put your feet on the antique Baroque coffee-table; mistress will allow you to revel in your bad boy dreams – just remember to take your shoes off at the door.

You are looking for fun and adventure on new territory. There maybe some things that your wife refuses to do or try, whereas a mistress will approach a request with more of an open mind. It works both ways and she may encroach upon some kinky activities that you never knew you would enjoy so much! An ‘Empress’ leather dress and peanut butter? Sure!
There is a hierarchy of mistresses which means they can always be replaced if they don’t keep a man interested. As a result, a good mistress will always have a surprise, albeit a nice one, waiting for you when you visit. That may involve a friend, or two, waiting to give you a six handed massage.

Your confidence soars! You have two amazing women wondering where you are and what you are up to throughout the day. I’m guessing you are a charming and gracious husband – if not, your wife would be thrilled that you are busy with someone else but let’s assume the best shall we?
In a marriage we can sometimes wonder if we are still attractive to the opposite gender. This is down to our partner forgetting to pay us compliments or meeting our physical and emotional needs for whatever reason. A mistress will flood you with compliments and heap praise from the moment you walk through that door, to the moment you leave. Your wife is more likely to commend your intellectual advancements and career progression because she is proud of you, as well as it having a domino effect on your entire family’s life.

They make you appreciate everything you have back at home. That doesn’t necessarily mean your meetings are not fun but seeing someone for an hour or evening is completely different to spending most your time with them. You married your wife because – I hope – you love, trust and admire her. She is the woman you hold most sanctimonious in your life, the one who has seen you at your lowest ebb as well as witnessing your highest achievements. The only other person who will elevate you spiritually and emotionally is this woman: your wife. I mean, yes ok, you have fun and a banging great time with a mistress but it’s only so long before the high you get from her musky neroli perfume, Bordeaux-painted lips and thick honey-blonde hair wears off and you are craving the comforting smell of peonies that emanates naturally off your wife’s skin. You miss the shape of her shoulder blades under the oversized one-ply cashmere jumper and the soft messy bun hairstyle she constantly wears. Like listening to Ibiza techno over and over again, there comes a point where you hit pause and need a break from the intoxicating effects of a mistress.
When you come home, you are more in-tune with your wife’s desires and of course, the slight guilt makes you all the more attentive and kind. You’re the boss and Alpha outside but within the home, she is the ultimate matriarch. In light of all this, mistresses have saved many a marriage.
Don’t run the risk of engaging with those within your friendship circles and instead look towards a mistress that is a minimum of 12 degrees of separation from your wife, or an elite escort that is from an entirely different continent. Having a side-chick can alleviate the pressures of life if  you choose wisely.

Enjoy your transient blonde bombshell, racy redhead or buxom brunette because no matter how charming, sophisticated, gorgeous or attentive your mistress is, you’d be a fool to leave your wife.

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