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Curves are rolling on

The fashion world has come a long way, incorporating women of most ethnic minorities and backgrounds onto the catwalk. This does not exclude body shapes, where Vogue UK and other establishments have fought against the size 0 trend that dominated the shows and campaigns during the 1990s. Fast forward and we are blessed with iconic supermodels and pin-up girls who have shaken up the contemporary fashion arenas. Michael Kors, Prabal Gurung, The Row, Louis Vuitton, Céline, Temperley, Cos, Yohji Yamamoto, Kenzo, Issey Miyake, Sports Illustrated are some of the brands that celebrate the curvaceous figure and make clothes that are cut for pear, hourglass, diamond and oval-shaped, beautiful voluptuous women.

Curves: a girl’s best friend

Many men like ‘something to hold onto,’ soft flesh to caress and stroke. The shift to realism has enabled many women to embrace a more natural figure, especially if they are built to be curvy. The curvy escorts of the industry are always the most confident and this is why Arabic escorts and Brazilian escorts are always the most highly sought after women in the escorting industry. They understand the importance of exercise and a healthy diet but they never push their bodies to extreme. Femininity is key and this is why the Arabic escorts and Brazilian escorts have amazing curves that are soft, yet firm.

Gia is one of our newest and exclusive escorts and although she is not on the site, we can vouch for her beautiful face and stunning natural curves. Gia is a British escort of Columbian descent – her skin is supple and lustrous; her hair is thick and long and most impressive – apologies in advance to the feminists, are her amazing natural breasts.

Leila is there epitome of the stunning Arabic escort who loves to please. Just one look at her photos online and you will see how dangerous her curves are – they give the Transfagarasan race track a complex! She dresses like a Bond girl and speaks like a songbird. She is the flag-bearer for London curvy escorts and can even make a man who adores skinny women appreciate a girl with more on the bones.

Alexa is a gorgeous Brazilian escort who loves to please and this curvy escort has a lovely selection of lingerie to show it off. This curvy escort loves to shop at La Perla, Agent Provocateur, Fleur Du Mal, Carine Gilson, Coco de Mer and Wolford. You will be in for quite a show when you meet Alexa as her underwear selection and serious curves will have you reaching for your prayer beads.

Last, but definitely not least is Alé! This exclusive Venezuelan escort is offline because she alone can break the internet. Alé is a sweet natured, gorgeous woman who dresses up to the nines when she meets a client. You are offered the entire experience from the beautifully cut double-breasted coat right down to the La Perla stockings and Aquazurra heels; this girl is so sizzling hot, she makes the sun sweat and planets bow in her presence.

Curvy escort never fail to please and with confidence like hers, if you don’t meet her, you know you are missing something!

Curvy girls are forever!!… they’re not a fad!!!… so man up guys and get the experience of your life!!


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Two For The Price Of One

Well, where do I begin? Lets start from the beginning: I awoke to a regular client – Tim, incessantly ringing my mobile that was close to the bedside table. I took the call half asleep asking who it was on the other line and as soon as I heard Tim’s voice, I immediately perked up, and we started chit-chating – as we always do.

The conversation was light and always fun, Tim then suggested we meet, so I agreed, jumped out of bed and ran to the shower. We met at our usual haunt: The Dorchester. As I arrived, Tim was waiting at reception. He casually strolled towards me and as we started talking very courteously guided me to the lifts.

When we arrived on the correct floor, we walked towards his room, where to my surprise, the door opened and we were greeted by his wife. I was a touch speechless for a few seconds, but she had a smile on her face and very graciously invited me in and offered me a glass of bubbly. She softly said “hello my name is Gia”.

As we all politely made conversation, Tim whispered in my ear “it’s my wife’s birthday,…and you’re her, or should I say, our present!!”

I gushed with excitement as I took a liking to his wife immediately, Gia was both tall and gorgeous with a very curvaceous body and blue eyes to die for. I could not wait to get to the bedroom.

Tim then reached for his glass of whisky and grabbed his wife’s, who then grabbed my hand and we were led to the boudoir… Things got rather out of hand and steamy to say the least. Let me explain, …I found my self in a passionate embrace with Gia who then gently moved her hand to my privates and began to vigorously stimulate me whilst Tim was in the delights of heaven below. I then took hold of Tim’s trophy – he immediately thrust forward and took me by surprise, by which point we were all enthralled into one body mass.

I’m a lady…and a lady never tells!!…or does she!!!!;)

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The finest gifts for an elite escort

Guest speaker: Solène

Recollection is an escort’s main hobby, especially when the experience had you walking on air for days…

There was a period when an amazing client saw me every night for three weeks. When I first opened the door and beheld this beautiful man, my wonderstruck blue eyes sparkled and my round cheeks glowed red. Kim was a 6ft 2″ tall, brooding half Korean half Italian delight, dressed in jeans and a white t-shirt. His skin was so perfect, I was beginning to wonder if this man was my age. Fast forward, and I’m having the most passionate exchange, whilst I remain the object of gratification. His body was lean, skin was smooth and shoulders perfectly sculpted. I was woken up to a Ristretto Americano in the morning, and next to the Nespresso saucer was a small red cushion square box. I tried to ignore the embossed golden Italic words spelling “Cartier,” so that my excitement was not misconstrued for immaturity. Inside was a stunning Diamants Légers Bracelet that to this day I wear on my wrist. Who was this guy? How did he know where my coffee machine was? How is he so smooth and why has he bought me such an expensive gift when all my ex-boyfriend argued over splitting the bill? Needless to say, I thought he was a fragment of my imagination, a staple example of a man sent from the heavens by my ancestors to remind me that they really are out there. As I closed the door, I smiled and giggled at my insanity…

He returned: sexier and more passionate

Kim came back every night for three weeks. I had to tell my main elite escort agency that I was unavailable so that I could spend the day looking beautiful for this handsome man. What’s more interesting is that he bought a gift every time he came, each time more divine. My thoughts darted all over my mind like a kite in a storm; utter confusion as to why he was so interested in me. I Googled Korean girls to grasp an understanding of the types of women he is surrounded by, and this only added fuel to my confusion – the girls are smoking hot over there! Anyway, sometimes in the world of  elite agency escorting you learn to just kick back and enjoy being treated like a princess. Kim must have been a serious player, or a man who witnessed a father treat the mother like a queen. If you are looking for some ideas on gifts that keep an elite escort thinking about you constantly, then read below for some ideas.

On the second day of August my true love bought for me…

Dr. Vranges room diffuser – the bigger the better. Perfume is always going to be a tricky option since it’s such a personal item. Alchemy is the most fitting word for this brand whose scents are some of the most unique and divine aromas you will ever encounter. You will experience such a flurry of emotions you never thought possible, that even visitors in your house will stop and comment on the beautiful fragrance of your interior. A diffuser will have the elite escort always thinking of you, so don’t be surprised if she text you out the blue everytime she flips the reed sticks. Kim bought me the Giardino Delle Rose in the 500ml crystal bottle. The scent is aimed at a reminiscent walk through the gardens of Florence in May, and to put it bluntly, I feel like I’m in Italy every time I walk into my terraced apartment in Hyde Park. Dr. Vranges are exclusive to Harrods on Brompton Road.

You can never go wrong with a top quality cashmere jumper, and Asia Pacific adore the oversized, well-draped bespoke cut pieces which flatter any body type. You may not know the elite agency escort so personalized measurements are out the question. However, you can always visit The Row in Harrods, Lora Piana on Sloane Street & New Bond Street or Alice Temperley in Mayfair.

The infamous Chloé Lauren ballerina shoes are comfortable and stylish. The brand has used Nappa Italian Kid leather which makes them durable and soft. When London elite escorts are not wearing heels, they are in trainers or glamorous flats. These ballerina flats have been so popular that the company bring them out in multiple colors every season, all beautiful. What’s even more impressive are their suede options. Hurry, they sell out very quickly!

Heels can be a little unoriginal, which is why you should seek a designer that the vip model escort has never heard of. Ask the high class escort what her shoe size is and take a quick peek at her shoe collection. Does this elite escort have high or mid-heeled heels? If they are high, then opt for the Gianvito Rossi Portofino heels. However, the reign of the high heeled diva is willowing to an end, and the comfortable and elegant mid-heeled pair are usurping the throne. Mid heels are classic so opt for Alexandre Birman, the best choices are on their website or on Farfetch. I was bought a pair of the Clarita pumps, and they come out whenever I’m having dinner with my ex-business associates.

Spa tickets are never refused by elite escorts, and they tend to ring up their high class escort girlfriends excitedly when a client has purchased a gift for them that focuses on their happiness and wellbeing. Elite escorts understand the importance of relaxation and this is why massages and speak treatments are welcomed with open arms. ESPA Life at The Corinthia Hotel, Whitehall Place, offers an amazing bathing area as well as unique massages with their own signature oils and creams. The bamboo joint release experience is to die for! The elite escort will saver the experience.

Time for the grand finale! Some clients have been so gracious and kind that they have booked a fourteen-day holiday for the elite escort and one of her best friends to the Maldives, Tulum or Bora Bora. Now, let’s not get carried away, no client is ever going to buy you a private jet, no matter how good the servicing 😉

Kim, not a day goes by without me thinking of you!



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Arabic escorts

Arabic escorts are some of the most sought after escorts in London. They have the most beautiful oyster-white smiles that can melt any heart. Add dark luscious hair to that equation; a stunning mane that crowns their beautiful oval faces . The Arabic escort’s huge exotic brown eyes would even give Aphrodite a complex. The Arabic escort is quite something to behold.

There are times she may incessantly stay indoors as she has to protect that porcelain, pore-less completion, which has been known to glow in the darkest of rooms. The Arabic escort London is an active conversationalist and will  happily entertain you across all topics and subjects. She may also, at times, make the ideal host companion for those important clients or dignitaries. Arabic escorts are appointed with the most impeccable manners to deal with occasions that can be as various as a private dinner to an elaborate party – it can even be a quite night in!!… take your pick… know with confidence that the Arabic escort will adapt to her surroundings.

However, it is significant to add that the Arabic escort is world-renowned for taking great care and time on the smallest details of her appearance. This could be from the type of petals that she may use to bathe in for that particular evening\morning, to the type of hair products purchashed from Harrods or Harvey Nichols. The Arabic escort is meticulous in her pursuit for the perfect make up and perfume. She – the Arabic escort – is effortless, charming and confident in her own skin and one will find one self spellbound in her company.

When a beauty as great as an Arabic escort is your companion for the night, it can be quite a daunting prospect to be rubbing shoulders with such a stunningly ethereal woman.

Try to remember she’s delicate and used to a gentleman opening doors and being gracious… so always be generous and kind – you’re in the presence of a princess!!…. Treat her like one!!

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